Hello, friends of Aly! This is Carla (blonde_ditz_21) hacking her twin while she prettifies my post. Yes, so, anyway! Aly is amazing. She's hilarious and pretty and amazing and smart and crazy and all that stuff. I love her! What else can I say about her? Yeah, buy her all her stuff on her wishlist. And never, ever, ever hurt her or else I will have to copy and paste my extremely long threat I posted on one of her Instagram pictures (follow us ;)). Oh, and I would have to follow through on that threat, which was pretty.. Well call it, 'eloquent.' Yes. So, I love you, Aly. And I'm bored. ARE YOU DONE PRETTIFYING YET? SHMILY! I wish you here with me because we have ice cream, even though I'm not sure if it's gluten free or not.. OMG. That reminds me, "Is it gluten free?" "That was the show we read about." How many crazy insane moments can we have in one night? Tons. Don't even underestimate us, guuuurls. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, BITCH!" And I'm just sitting there, so confused as to why Aly was yelling at me to get out of my own house. I'm kinda of hyped up right now, so I can't exactly make sense with this, but it's rainbow, so I like it a lot. Anyways, I love this girl, and she loves me, and we like screaming and flirting with anything that moves, including each other. We have tons of fun and I don't think I can act nearly as crazy with anyone else as I can with here. EAT. Yes, so again, SHMILY <3