Hey Everyone to who ever may read this...You can hate on me all you want but just remeber you may not know my side of the story..You will just assume..Now that i know how two people who were important to me feel i know i was really nothing to them and that i was just someone to fall back on..I hope that my life will end someday soon. If it does those two people who used to mean the world to me will finally have what they always wanted is for me to be gone so they no longer worry.. They no longer care for how they made me feel..Im glad they spoke their feelings to me because now i know what i was to them..I meant nothing to them at all..I was just a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes that just wont get off..I now know i was just an annoying bug that they wanted to hit and kill..Lucky for them i will do what they wish and let them be happy..Good bye my lovely home..Good bye my family..Good bye my friends..Good bye earth..May soon we be one..