theres a lot that’s been goin on lately that it actually surprises me. On the 19th I somehow managed to get that day off and hung out with a few friends from college, close friends. There were suppose 2 be a lot more, but it has been just the 5 of us during the past 2 quarters of school so its fine. We all meet up at xroads in Bellevue and it was nice seeing how people changed since the quarter ended. My friend ryan and I noticed we’ve gotten slimmer since then only cuz during the quarter we’d eat out often ha was soo bad. My friend anna coincidentally matched the clothings of me and a friend of mine (sebastion). We really didn’t have any ideas what we wanted to eat so we went 2 red robins before watching despicable me 2. It was funny cuz our friend ryan practically always goes to red robin, like the last time he went was literally last week! Was so funny. It was good and I had the beserker the sandwich that promoted the wolverine movie. So watching it! So after that we went and watched despicable me, and it was awesome! Ryan says its his second time watching it, and I don’t blame him its really good biggrin tho being pixar/Disney things were predictable. We went to get bubble tea and I finally paid off my debt to anna lol (I owed her a bubbletea for some reason lol). We had fun hanging out and it was 5 pm about when we went our separate ways. I went home w/my friend sebastion and I swear we practically known each other since 7th grade practically 10 years ha. I talked to him about how he liked anna and for me/the guys it was obvious from how he looked at her. It was sweet how he told me that he started to fall for her with the simple nice memories of spending time together b4 me/andre got out of our classes (another friend of mine since 9th grade). Im cheering for him on on trying to hook up w/anna even though I know he was going to be turned down. She told me she only sees him as a friend and there arnt any butterflies in her stomach w/him around. I feel bad she feels that way but we cant help who we like and don’t like, right?

The 20th I was suppose to go hiking w/coworkers but family came up so I had to opt out. I feel bad for it, tho im trying to make it up w/friends. We/re trying to hike mt si sometime in august before anna goes 2 cali for a few weeks so hopefully friends are going. I invited darby, anna, ryan, andre, and a few friends for it hopefully I can get a group 2gether. Speaking of darby, I learned shocking news: she got herself a boyfriend and its been 3 weeks biggrin I feel happy for her, though a little sad as well idk y but also content. I guess I can deduce that when I said I had feelings for darby they were really nothing more than just me being comfortable around darby not the butterflys or anything. Tho I get nervous w/serious things w/girls anyways ha. We were talking through txting for some time. Then she called me at like 12:34am today and I had 2 act like she woke me up lol but we were on the phone for a good like 50 minutes, and normally I don’t do that. Maybe cuz im comfortable with darby, idk? But what worries is that her boyfriend is 27 when shes 18 right now that’s like a 10 year difference really? It worries me that he could be taking advantage of her and like has these schemes of using her in the end. Im paniky atm since I read a lot of stories and mangas so my imaginations like really open right now ha. Shes just REALLY attractive. I told her she could come to me whenever and I’ll pick up the phone at anytime of the day which is y she called me at that time as I mentioned lol. Ha I don’t understand u women, always either being real nice like or flirty ha. But I swear I will be there for this person. I wish she stays a virgin till she gets married (shes Christian so Im really hoping her boyfriend ryan doesn’t hurt the innocent Christian friend/(sister?) that I love). Yeah, I think I love her, but at the same time its how I’ll b treating you : someone that I’ll be there and risk my life for like a family member. I have my girlfriend and I might be marrying her im not sure yet, the futures never sure.

I wish you are well, and I hope whatever milestone u come across you’ll be able to get over it and grow stronger.