I have a sweet awesome friend...he likes me very much...I don't exactly know if he likes that I read his journal...but, if I didn't, I wouldn't be writing this, I suppose...well, he's persistent with his love, which I find very sweet, and he always thinks of me...alot. It's nice to know i'm thought of...and I think he understands that right now, I'm not looking for anymore love...I like someone very much at this time ^^ What I really need right now, are good friends. Special, best friends... He falls into that category. I love and appreciate him very much, and he keeps me on Gaia a lot of the time-it'd be boring without him...well, today, it's forecasted to rain and cool down...hopefully it will...they always say it'll rain and cool off and it never does...I hear thunder... :3 Guess that's all for now. ninja