[name] [Count] Theobaud Graves
[age] Appears: 24/ Is actually: 74 [75 this December]
[race] Vampire [Classification: Tainted Nosferatu [Rare Cross Breed- Chiropteran/ Eldritch Horror.]
[specs] Human guise- 5'6/ 210 lbs/ silver spiked hair. Blood red eyes [with black rings that appear to be painted on around his eyes themselves]
Vampiric True form- 6'0/ 210 lbs/ -basically looks like Eddie from Guilty Gear]
[appearance] usually my Avatar, but here are some references~
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Blood, solace, quiet. Cigarettes
Perfectly beautiful and perfectly happy couples, Marriage. Organized Religion. Children
Vampiric traits:
The Vampire 'works':
Preternatural senses, speed, strength, dexterity, and durability.
Being that every vampire is unique to it's creator, Theo himself has the unique trait of being merely a mass of un-dead cells. His only intact original organs left are his heart and brain. Where as the rest of his internal organs have been broken down to allow him to assimilate more mass into less space. The shell he sports today as his 'mortal guise' is a cleverly re-composed version of a human body, functioning to the fullest degree of a human body save for the exception that it's composed of undead-organic-matter. By this extension; Theo can change his shape at will, and as long as his brain and heart are accounted for and intact this shape is hardly limited in form.
[E+G=M/ Energy+Genetics=Matter]
This would be expending blood to stimulate his undead-organic-matter into splitting and replicating. While a normally common trait; because of Theo's odd conditions of vampirism; he can perform feats that other vampires can only dream of in the way of regeneration and durability. As just a few examples; he can regrow say; the entire lower half of his body if halved [so long as the brain and heart are accounted for and intact], or another great feat is remaining in the suns light, and appose to withering away, or combusting as other genus of his species are known to do; his foremost layer of cells with absorb the brunt, dissolve, and literally multiply on the inner most layer under the dermis as to keep the damage from reaching further inward. Meaning he can withstand sunlight fully, despite the near crippling effects this will have on him [as well as shutting down most of his supernatural vampiric abilities aside from his insane regenerative capacities]
Mass storage:
With this bio-morphic trait comes the ability to store mass inwardly via compressing assimilated undead-organic-matter into a intensely small area to normal size ratio
Theo can only perform his means of consumption through two methods. Firstly; is drinking blood as any vampire may do. This will sustain him, and has been proven to work just as well as option B. Option B: Whole. Theo, if he can managed to kill his prey, or infect enough of their insides with his undead matter; can assimilate organic matter into himself, where it will be converted into undead=organic-matter once enclosed entirely in his vessel. The main problem with his virus like vampiric infection; is that it doesn't spread on it's own. He has to manipulate each and every cell, and force them to infect, and devour. It's a tedious process, thus why he prefers to kill his prey first, or maim them beyond the ability to struggle in case of option B.
Unnatural abilities
Cursed eye:
Theo's right eye holds the ability to see Ki [life force] in various colors, as well as to alert him when a life force is nearby. This is a spin off of the 'Dhampir' trait known as the 'blood eye'. The original blood eye was a curse that Dhampir carry, that alerts them when an undead presence is near by. Developed off the same concept; the curse eye works only slightly differently. Not only does it alert Theo to when any life form is nearby; but pending on their [life force], it will outline their circulatory system with a shade of a corresponding color [in cases of life forms lacking a circulatory system; their actual energy, or whatever sustaining system of energy they posses will be outlined]. Humans are a soft blue, undead are a ethereal purple, where as holy, and evil [positive negative] alignment beings usually come up as red. Species that don't fall into the logged categories, or have no/questionable alignment tend to come up as a mixture of colors [or just solid tones not on the chart, such as green, orange, yellow, ect]. As well as being able to see the life force itself; he is able to differentiate more potent sources from weaker sources by the vibrational frequency, meaning he can log the wave length of energy itself. Giving each and every person he comes into contact with; their own distinct 'feeling' that he will receive when near them. [The cursed eye holds a spherical radius of something like thirty feet in all directions.]
Shadow Magic-
By using the analogous element of Occa- Theobaud has gained the ability to pass freely between the Occa and other plains. Traveling through shadows themselves and the darkness of the earth if he wills it. Aside from his portals and abilities to lurk within shadows; he can draw shadows into a manifest form and even animate them via will. Aside from these 'parlor tricks', his magic is limited to a wide array of curses and rituals that do all manner of things. He has a spell book that retains all these rituals and curses. A book he doesn't use in combat; but more so behind the scenes. [for plot line, and other such devices]
[Spell list: is an amorphous near endless supply of magical spells so long as I can give them suitable mechanics and back round. Should you have any problems with any of the spells that Theo uses; feel free to take it up with me. I will be fair though know I won't bow to your whim without good reason.]


Before the kidnapping-
Once a intelligent youth; a scientist despite his young age; a certain bright bold young man was kidnapped at the age of 19.

The Find [aftermath]-
His body was supposedly found off the Isle Gambino by a fishing boat five years later. The men on board who hauled the coffin out of the water opened such, and presumed the lad inside to be dead. However that corpse stirred, and the fishermen panicked. Not knowing better they took the body to a hospital thinking to get him help, unaware of who he was or the strange circumstances surrounding his disappearance. The entirety of the hospital was slaughtered that night, patients, doctors, and all. Where as the body of Theobaud Graves went missing, not but his diary left to detail his un-death and what had happened to him in those five yeas of absence. This journal was found in the room where his body had been taken, laid down, and last scene near dead.

The Tale-
His crypt is at the Heavenly Rest Graveyard. A large monument next to his parents, officially [supposedly] this is where the body of Theobaud Graves rests. But that's just the story put up in face of the legend, to get paper work through and keep it flowing. The real kicker about Theobaud Graves? Bare in the mind the only account to prove this tale is that diary itself, which is long since missing at this point despite the infamy in the story. These pages tell of a Count Lang. Theo equated this being to a living boogie man, with flesh made of darkness ingrained with deep crimson line patterns, a language he came later to find out was Ancient Sumerian runes carved into his sire's very surface. Lang was a skeleton of a humanoid. Fingers like claws with a demonic spaded tail and a forked tongue to match the rest of his oddities. This Lang character was a warlock in his own time, place, and space; where as then[now] he dabbled in the fey wild itself and opening portals to other dimensions for astral exploration. And so it was written in these pages after the introduction of his 'soon to be sire' [though he wasn't aware of this at the time]; that his first year is spent as a ever continuous day to day lesson. Where Theo learns the dark arts of sorcery, ultimately about Ancient Sumerian Black Magic, and the Fey Wild. Eldritch and Occa energy becomes his main affinities, or so the fruits of his training yields towards the winter of that first year of being held captive. Though soon after, it is written that Lang forces a mortal Theo to traverse the Fey Wild [and various other dimension] with him. Where he was toted about, bound and gagged. Forced to gaze upon the most mind warping horrors un-imaginable by mortals and sentience alike. They say the Eldritch abominatons that can be found defy physics and law. Rational. They twist the mind to painful degrees via natural understanding, and cause crippling insanity in some due to the fact that the intake is too great for the mind. These diary entries wrote of the various things that Theo had seen. They also spoke of the 'grating' that he wrote about so often after seeing his first abomination, described as having an axe permanently lodged in the middle of the top of his skull. Over the large pile of parchment to behold Theo grows more and more distant in his own sanity within those later years. More so writing poems about the things he experiences, then actually describing them. Cryptic entries; about eyes and teeth slowly over taking perception and consciousness. A more famous exert reads as follows-

“How many eyes can pierce my soul?
My blood runs numb, yet it's still cold.
It it plotting? does it see?
Or do those eyes; see right through me?
I wish that stares, if such a stare could-
at least would kill me; the way it should.
But still I breath. Still I see. Still I know what I perceive:
is nothing good.
'Nothing good.”

The third year is when he receives the gift from his sire. Though by then he's already so warped by his insanity it's clear to the reader he doesn't care or understand why this is being done to him. More then that he goes on to tell of how he is even forced to drink the blood from these strange creatures [Eldritch abominatons] to survive. Something he later wrote about in colorful language of the taste and the memories that these gnashing monstrosities had. In the fourth year Lang leaves Theo deep in the Fey Wild, shutting the portal behind him. Leaving the fledgling to find a way out with his own devices. The real cherry on this cake, was that Theobaud survived these horrors, and some say he even carries a bit of the Fey Wild [and Eldritch Abominations] with him. Some are more curious as to how he escaped such a fate? or even more uncanny managed to wash up as he did on his 24th Birthday. Over all to this day Theo is a legend to some, they would believe him a mere myth, and are happy and content with this. To others he's a horror, very much real, name alone enough to be considered too taboo for even a hushed utterance.


After feeding the 'Swamp Creature' for so many months; it began to devour the vampire's own madness. Soaking the analogous essence that had been left by the Eldritch Abominations mind warping terror. To this degree, he has been drained to a near dare I say 'Sociably acceptable' level? If it were acceptable to do what he does of course.. Though at least he's not eating ten bodies a night and painting himself in blood just as frequently. xp

The Turning of a dead leaf

Though possibly thoughtfully unheard of; one must always accept that the cosmos will surprise one. Regardless of what you think you know, or what you've seen, and what you believe by extension of that; it's hard to say 'No; I 'Know''. Because the fact of the matter is that souls will always surprise you. Anything animate, or moving under the sun may or may not surprise you. Vampire's are no different. And upon the meeting of a certain small black cat in desperate need of food and love; a certain distraught vampire found his will to want change in his life. Rather to wonder the subjective question 'Am I evil?'. No psychopath will ask this of themselves, it was a new day for Theo. However, it wasn't until his second fated meeting of a certain Liam Adalrich that brought about the real turn. The former curse virus that had basically ruled Theo's existence of 'wanton hunger' and a 'deep seated need for violence' was effectively identified, and removed that day by the Geist Jericho. Where in also on that day, outside of time and space, Theobaud made a vow;

"Never to take the life of another innocent, and to give his life to protect them."

Though maybe cliché, a huge step in this creature's acceptance of his humanity. To this day he feels indebted to Liam.

After tailing a Asura to a certain dive, Theo encountered quite a few persons and eventually found himself mixing it up toe to toe with a rather large youkai who could poop explosives. Despite his best efforts Theobaud was slain. However, what was left of the tattered soul that Theo possessed merely sank down into the horde of the legion. Teddy resurrected that soul however, and Theo returned.

Despite his status as something of a wraith, Theo is currently searching for a way to return to becoming a undead flesh and cold blooded vampire.

Because why not?