Rose Stiles and Issac had manged to get everyone else out of the house, and now Rose had to tell him. She should'nt be scared, it was Derek. But all she could think of was her uncle. And his reaction before when he saw her eye's glow. What did it mean, she was'nt a werewolf. So what was she. Her hands where shakeing, she she swallowed .
"I could hear your heart beating a mile from the house whats going on?"
Derek demanded, storming into the house. She flinched as the door slammed. She could praticaly hear it echo as if it was the screen door on her old house, and her unlce was home from the bar. 'You did not do anything wrong, he would never hurt you'
she tried to tell her self.

'Whats wrong with me today, Im not a coward, Im not week'

Derek growled, she closed her eye's. "I see ghosts!"
she squeked, so scared she could feel actual tears and she hated it.
"I can see them hear them feel them, and Im only telling you becuse I figured it was important when I told you that my eyes glowed and I saw some freaky vision, related to stuff in my dreams, and Im scared OK, Im scared you going to think im insane. Or to much of a risk to be around the pack. Or kick me out on the streets, and Im scared, and weak, and Im sorry"
she was crying hiding her eyes and tears from him becuse. She was so scared she was shakeing.

Derek watched this girl listened, and found himself not surprised, seeing spirits was not unheard of in the werewolf world. It was rare, very rare yes, but not impossible. The eye thing did kind of unerve him. He had seen it before, and now that he knew it was not a trick of the light it was definitely concerning.

He was'nt good with the whole emotions thing, but it was'nt like anyone else was around. He hesitated as he approached her. He could see her shakeing and the fueled him on. He was careful, gentle her put his hands on hers and pulled them away from hideing her face.

"We'll figure it out, all of us, here"

The breathy almost sob was of relife, and he slid down with her as he knees gave way.

"The nightmares, they never go away, I thought it was just being around werewolves, and the weird thing I have with wolves got twisted in my head, but its not that. It cant be" she was rambling as she was no longer crying.

They sat in the floor, for a good 15 minuets. Before Rose looked up, "It started when I was a little girl, since I could remember. I just could see them, hear them, feel what they felt sometimes. Not all of them, just ones that don't care if there scean and actualy have enough energy to register a bit on a phychic level. But I saw your sister, a few times we talked. She says your an emotinaly consitpated idiot with a good heart and she's proud"

Derek now looked shell shocked, he stood up she could praticaly see the walls he had built slam back up around him. She scrambled up, afraid she should'nt have said that.
Rose nerves were fragil right now so as he backed her against the wall, for the first time she could'nt stare him down. Couldnt fight past instinct.
"Your lieing,I dont know how but you are"
Laura had decided to interveine at that time, she saw the ghost woman out of her eyes before a sharp pocker went flying through the air and into Dereks foot.

"Oh my god Laura, what the hell!"

She reached and pulled it out all fear smotherd by portective instnkcts even though Derek healed from the wound almost instantcly.
"What, I drained like 4 falsh lights, and all of your guys cell phones, as well as as much as I could get from the Stile's labtop with out him about to cry from confuison. So I could do that all day"
Rose furrowed her eyebrows. "You crazey banchee, is that just a thing with the hale's solve probelms through Violence!"
Derek had been to shocked to speak.
"She's here?"
Rose snapped to attention, and then shrivled.
"Um yeah, she's stuck around keep your safe, and in line. The electicty's fine by the way, she umm..she like's to scold in her own way..."
She sighed yeah, she was way past, shot nerves and was going into coco puff territory.
"She's always around here, around you, just sometimes she wants to be seen and sometimes not"
He nodded slowly seeming to accept and process.
"Is she upset about Peter still being in the pack?"
Rose tilted her head, toward the eldest hale sister.
Who laughed, "Uncle peter was always a nut, a lovable harmless nut before though"
she turned more serious.
"The Fire changed all of the suvriving hale's, I was Alpha and put my attention into takeing care of Derek. Derek closed himself off, Cora apprently became an angrey teen, and well Peter became a Seriel killer, we all deal with things in are own ways. How ever make sure he makes Peter keep earning his trust for awhile. The guy is a creeper, at this point regardless of everything else"

Rose nodded, "To sum it up no, she says everyone delt with the fire how they could.
Peter just delt with it in the worst way possible and became a seriel killer. How ever she says not to trust him, make him earn it for awhile"

Derek nodded, and Rose chuckled at another comment, "Iv already told him that"
she responded. Derek raised and eye brow, and she smirked.
"She agrees with me you need a hair trim and if you dont she says she is going to make you have an affro until you do"
Derek shrugged and sighed, "Damn it Laura, still, really, a lecture from beyond the grave great makes my day"
Rose narrowed her eye's, "My day has been grand to" she growled.