She brought a small box back to the house, it was some stuff from her childhood.
At the moment they where pulling things out searching for the couple or ornaments. The boy's had also opted to bring back a box of the photoalbums, and she figured why not. She could keep it under her bed wants the presents was out.
"Whats this"
Issac held up, a jaw with wholes in it, and note inside.
Stile's took it opend it and read the note.
“ its says 'If you love something, set it free; if it comes backs it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was' Richard Bach right?"
Rose nodded, "I still don't know if he was the orginal person to say it but yeah thats the saying. My mom snuck in my room one time while I was a sleep, I was like 7 or 8 and let the dying lightning bugs in my jar go. I did'nt know I was hurting them, she knew I would be devistaed if they died. So she let them out my window and put a note inside the jar"

Stiles smiled softly, "My mom used to do that to, when I would bring home some radom animal, or pout about not getting something. She always found away to say it so I stoped being upset"

Rose seeing the sadness mixed with the fondess moved over to sit inbetween stiles and Issac bringing them both in for a hug with one arm each. "You both are makeing your mothers proud everyday, and Im sure there happy, when your happy, talking about people who arent around anymore, it makes you sad, yeah but it also makes you happy to remember who they where to know you'll never forget."
Rose spotted something shiny and dived for it, "Found it!"
The boys stared in awe at the way she spoke, it was wisdom that a teenager should'nt have.
"Remember how I said my mom loved wolves to"
She dangled the orgnament. It was a flat mini stature like ornmanet. With a wolf howling. 'Snow' was on the ground and a couple pine tree behind the wolf.
Stiles grinned devlishly, "Perfect"
Rose heard a howl, her body tensed unwilingly, the flash of a forest and the black wolf from her dreams running. The howl faded and so did the vision. Issac had the ornament in his hand and was watching her so was stiles. She blinked, and shook her head.
"Sorry that howl startled, me"
Stiles narrowed his eye's and said slowly, "What howl. one second Issac was complaining of a head ache, and next thing I know you drop your thingy ma bob, your eyes glow blue and you wont respond to me for five minuets"

Rose crickle her eyebrows, "Five minuets?" they nodded. And she had to sit back down. "Wow, and my eye's they really glowed, are you sure, derek said that to..and Lydia saw it once. I thought its just my eyes are blue right, so it could be the light?"
Stiles hook his head, "No, they where a almost white kind of blue and defently glowing" Issac nodded.

"We should tell Derek" Rose said but winced as she said it. She had no idea what it ment but these visions, or what ever it was time to come clean about everything.

"He'll be in later lets just finish up here and you can tell him later, in private if you want we can disract the rest of the pack, I have a feeling this glowly thing is not all you want to dish out with him"