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Mimic's Character profiles
this journal will be use for character profiles and other character related stuff, so i have a place for ideas and well delvoped to so-so character
Name: Ivan Storm
Age: locked at age 25 the age he died.been alive for more than 200 years
Species:Memory Djinn taken over human
Biography: Ivan was adopted into a clan of geomancers*, losing his parents at a young age along with being an outsider to the clan he was adopted into. Though being a geomancer himself he still became a troubled child having no control over his emotions. Gifted with great spiritual energy, but with no control over it Ivan had to be taught by multiple masters to keep him from destroying land. By the age of 20 years old Ivan was soon enlisted into the fight against a dark army that threatens the very planet. Many battle rage on leaving it very apparent that Ivan’s lack luster talents are useless on the battlefield. Being asked to leave the fight and return home he soon found himself making a deal with a stranger who promised him great power control and wisdom that will defeat all of his foes. Once the deal was made, the stranger had given Ivan a skull that held the soul of an ancient dark djinn that was once a tactician and memory stealer of army of darkness. The dark djinn robbed Ivan of his body and his memories, suffering trying to keep control of him humanity and his very soul he seek help from his maters. After the death of his masters Ivan became a puppet that would destroy every last one of his people**. Ivan tried to kill himself but the djinn within him kept him alive refusing to release Ivan from his pain and shame. His faith broken his home, Family, friends, and race dismantled by his own hands and without a way die the dark djiin, Mimice took control. Spending decades in the darkness Ivan’s soul regain control and locked Mimice deep within, with memories of slaughtering many innocence haunting his mind he built an Inn in a small clearing in the forest to live alone. Everyday renewing the spiritual seal to bound the djinn within him to keep from the horrors he has done from happening again. He soon found himself housing many travelers who pass through and giving them a hot meal and a place to stay. He came to terms that he cannot fix what had been done but it didn't mean he wouldn't find another way to repent. His goal in his immortal life is to find a way to die along with stopping any and all darkness.

Likes: Ivan is very curious person and finds enjoyment in the stories of others and their powers and skills

Dislikes: mind control/games, hurting the innocent, destroying nature without reason

Abilities: Master in Geomancy and Terramancy**
Geomancy has two branches of its mastery which is Terramancy and Geomancy.
Geomancers are blessed humans with gift of controlling the earth element. This is more then just casting the element itself like magic spells but to control and bend and apply it to anything and everything. Transmutation is the best way to explain it, to basically form the element itself into weaponry or apply it to existing armors and physical things. As well can move the earth itself and reset it back with or without damage, but only when mastered can it truly be non destructive. Geomancy as noted before can move the earth beneath your feet and even the tonic plates, even though this power is massively destructive it can be only be fathomable by the few that have mastered it.
**Terra in the means of the terrain the ability to grow and wither plants and to transmute its structure if need be, can increase its affect it has and is great for potions and natural remedies and can use any plant even fallen leaves to heal wounds on the user only, but herbs that are already used for remedies can be used on others then the user. Terramancy has forbidden branch of infusing body parts with special plants to replace lost limbs and fix damaged or broken bones, nerves, a rarely organs. This branch of Terramancy is extremely dangerous because you can not only create body part but it can even create a new life. For this reason this branch of Terramancy is not taught and is said to be cursed to transform people who use this form of Terramancy into plants.

Mimice's Abilities: mimicking, and many magical technique and skills learned from others, can steal memories and fighting styles

Talents: skilled in hand to hand combat as well with sword fighting and bowstaff. Has amazing defense to any physical attacks and can take a large amount of punishment
Mimice's Talents: can mimic any ability unless its from bloodline or master level skill:
Mimice can use barriers and illusions of the mind to create walls to block physical and magically attacks, each form gets stronger and is quicker to copy your fighting style and technique to use against you. Mimice is a tactician when it comes to fighting, but loves to tire the opponent out before finishing.

Weaknesses: anything messing with his mental state. Mimice is known to try to take over with any chance he gets
Ivan is infamous for not reacting much when fighting, he holds back a lot to try to reason with the person before actually trying to hurt them, but even then he will just try to trap the person

Mimice's weaknesses: physcial damage, mimice has 3 forms but only his last form can really take a hit without losing form since his body is made up of dark matter

Appearance: Ivan(normal clothes)
Extras: Mimice and Ivan made a deal after many years of fighting one another for control. If Mimice could use one of Ivan's eyes to see the world and to have control once and while then he wouldn't try to take control everyday and not to hurt anyone when he is in control
Ivan is the outcome of a long adventure

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