I had a daughter named Molly, she was a very beautiful and thoughtful child. She smiled just lifted up your spirits and her golden hair was always soft to the touch. My daughter was very bright and she always asked questions. One day I had found my daughter asking questions to thin air. I asked who she was talking to and she said, "The fairies mommy." Seeing she was talking to her imaginary friends, I smiled and went back to work. I thought nothing of it.

Two days later, I heard her singing a tune, both beautiful and enchanting. I asked where she learned the music.

"The Fairies mommy!" She would say as if it were the obvious thing in the world. Curious, I thought, wondering if she was creating the song on her own and thought how wonderful it would be to hear about my daughter becoming a famous music writer. When I came back later that day, I came into my daughter's room and I saw my daughter sitting in the middle of a circle drawn by flower petals. Her eyes had been staring straight at the wall. When I tried to get her attention, by waving my hand in front of her face, she as unresponsive. I yelled in her face, clapped my hands before her eyes. No response. I began to panic and grabbed her by the shoulders and screamed her name. No response. Now I was beginning to get frantic. I picked my daughter up and carried her to the car. By the time we reached the hospital, my daughter had returned to normal. The doctor said nothing was wrong with her.