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Order of the Blood Roses
1356ad- A woman by the name of Sarah Smith,aged 14 years, was found murdered, drained of her life blood by a vampire. her mother, Maria, and her father, George, morn the loss of their oldest daughter. Their surviving daughters, Jane, age 10, and Lucy, age 7, are looked to as the best hope for the family now.

1360ad- Jane, now 14, and Lucy Smith, now 11, are found torn apart by a pack of wolf lycans. The Lycans were believed to have been rogue and split from a larger, more in control pack. Maria and George leave England and begin traveling East through Europe.

1365ad- Maria and George meet others who had lost loved ones to varying supernatural beings and creatures. They all agree to travel as a group, hoping that large numbers would keep them safe.

1370ad- The group reaches the edge of the oriental regions, and are discovered by monks from a near by temple. They are taken in and the temple reveals that the creatures the group is trying to outrun, are everywhere, all over the world. They then start to train the group in hand to hand combats, weapons, smiting and even alchemy, showing them how to create the black powder that the monks had coveted for many years.

1401ad- Maria founds the Order of the Blood Roses and lead the group back to London.

1409ad- Construction begins on a castle that will be the headquarters for the Order. Using everything that was taught to them by the Chinese, they make a fortress that will stand up to the tests of time.

1412ad- Maria passes away at the age of 80. She is placed in a stone coffin as her husband begins construction on a tomb for the order.

1414ad- George Smith, husband to Maria, founder of the Order of the Blood Roses, passes away at 91. He is placed in a stone coffin as well while the tomb is built.

1418ad- The tombs are finished and the surviving members, now watched over by Mei Hou; a monk from the Chinese temple they had all been trained, lay the couple to rest and continue construction of the temple.

1443ad- The castle and it's surrounding grounds are completed.

1444ad- The Church sees the Order as a threat to their power and sends knights to wipe them out. By this time the order was strong with members and easily turned back the force.

1450ad- The church again attacks the Order headquarters with a larger force, but once more they are turned away.

1451ad- The order beings allowing in non-human members.

1500ad- The order is called upon by the Church to aid in a war against feral wolf lycans.

1505ad- The war is ended by the order, the church is once more reminded of the threat the order poses to them and they turn on their allies. Many Order members are lost, but they defeat the rest of the church forces and retreat back to the castle.

1505ad- The castle is named Blood Rose Castle

1550ad- The Church once more attacks the castle and the decision is made to move the Order, castle and all. The new leader, Kathrine DuFrane, looks into passage to the land across the sea that was discovered in the last century.

1564ad- Passage is secured for all members of the Order and for the castle and all stone coffins carrying the bodies of fallen members and the founders of the order, Maria and George Smith.

1664ad- The castle is finished once more, now in the new world. New advances are added to the castle when it is built, and the coffins of the founders are hidden in a secret tomb deep under the castle.

1665ad- The Order is once more open to new members and across the sea small groups of the order are working in secret, keeping out of the eyes of the Church.

1700ad- War is waged against the feral and rogue creatures that roam the new world. The order works closely with the natives in the area, even allowing them to live with them in the castle and on the grounds, not interfering with their way of life if they could help it.

1821ad- The war is ended with the help of other supernatural beings and an alliance is formed.

1850ad- The new Watcher of the Order is found to have been committing acts of evil. The Order attempts to capture him, but he escapes. He is forever branded as a traitor and is refereed to as the Black Rose.

1901ad- The current Watcher of the Order, Mei Ling, a descendant of one of the monks that joined Maria back when the Order was first formed, has been informed of an uprising of rogue vampires. She has called on the elite forces to investigate the rumors and had instructed the rest of the order to be ready.

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