Life ain't easy. But who am i to complain. I have all that any teenage girl would want.
Parents that love her dearly. Friends that care about her. Money to help her with things she needs. A house to shelter her when the whole world cant. A loving boyfriend who means the world to her. But how can someone so fortunate be so unhappy. Every day she spirals deeper into the pit of dis-pare and no one seems to know how to help her out. Everyone just watches as she falls. Deeper and deeper she goes every day and no one hears her pathetic cries for help. No one hears the signals she is signing. A girl who fakes a smile, a laugh, a tear, and anger is a girl who is confused. She's lost in the world. Even more within herself. She knows none. She speaks whispers. She feels as if she can trust none. She is unique. No one is quite like her. But yet everyone is. Everyone is lonely. Everyone feels as if they are nothing. Everyone gets broken. But everyone acts as if nothing happened. As if they never felt that way. She who shows how she feels is a person who not only is deep enough in her own world, but yet doesn't care if she can't get out to the world everyone is in. The world we try to have, is the world that is breaking. Piece by piece people are breaking. They are falling into little shards of glass that can never be fixed. But yet it can be pieced together. Not as good as before, but good enough to work.