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Kuddly_Kirara Enteries
writing about life
My Tonsillectomy
My Tonsillectomy: emotion_bandaid
So for the past year, my tonsils had been really inflated and gave me much stress; i occasionally had stones and such too. I decided to get them out, although I'm not yet sure if that was the best choice. 21 years old, June 27th I went to hospital to get them out.....
Day 1: Shaking and getting really high blood pressure (137/90 or something) (i usually have lower blood pressure) my legs and teeth chattering as I was about to go under anesthesia for the first time. I had no idea if I was gonna be allergic or something. Turns out, I wasn't. The last thing I remember Daniel saying to me was something about green seals and the last thing i remember seeing/doing was putting on a breathing mask and saying it was lopsided (too much on left side-which could have something to do with my legally-blind left eye...?) after waking up, i ate ice chips immediately. I wasn't in much pain, but the anesthetics and not eating combined made me feel very nauseated. They gave me alcohol pads that they put on cuts and stuff to sniff to make me better. They must have worked since I never threw up. On way home, I wanted a snowcone, but the shops weren’t open yet, so jus went home; I was in a little pain. Not tired at all. Couldn't talk, so i had my journal with me. Daniel and I watched Digimon season 1 the first few eps. (now we jus past the Etamon seq.) we are gonna cosplay as TK and Kari for Afest this yr. so he might as well watch series. I took some pain medicine and ate jello, pudding, ice chips, popsicles, and water.
Day 2-6: I felt some pain after meds, but not too much. Didn't want to eat much though. Some days i would eat as little as 300 calories. Then, when i went to Quiktrip to get a F'Real milkshake, It was over 500 calories, solving my calorie deficiency. I got a total of 2 or 3 milkshakes. Strawberry is my fave; the cake batter one was jus too sweet. Many ppl visited me during this time (including Austin, Faith, and my father) By the middle of these days, i tried to eat chewable foods and ice cream. A lot of things would get stuck though. I tried to tutor my friend, trumpet Juan too. He got me snowcones.
Day 7-9: My throat began rejecting the pain medicine and i wasn't really in any pain much anymore so i went with it. On the 4th of July, I went to see fireworks with Justin, Mohu (he had b-day party earlier, but i didn't feel up to doing that much stuff, so i didn't go), Kevin, Kayleigh, Rachel, and many others. After, some of us went to putt-putt to see Michael (haven’t seen this guy in a while) there was a baby duck swimming in pond there. On day 9, my scabs started coming off; right side first then left almost 24hrs later. (Right after watching Short Circuit 1 and 2) I bled fresh blood for about 30 min for each. The first one, I freaked out yet my mom said it was okay, but Justin said for me to immediately go to hospital....
Day 10-11: while I was watching a cross animal species companion documentary, my other left side scabs came open. It bled for about 40 min and stopped. This time, I wasn't as freaked out as the day before, but it was still fresh blood. Shortly after it stopped bleeding, The right side came back open and bled and wouldn't stop. I had 2 towels with me. After a little while, I saw that it wouldn't stop (started at 10pm on left side) I told my mom I needed to dial 911, but she said not to so I didn't. She said I was being an invalid and a baby and that it’s nothing. I don't think she meant that, but maybe she was trying to calm me down somehow. I then called Daniel instead of 911 and he then rushed me to hospital. While waiting for him to get there, I threw up a big blood clot ball about in inch in diameter onto the towel. When I got there, I tried not to cry. I threw up in the nearest trashcan since they had not given me a plastic throwup measuring bag yet. They were pretty full over there, but soon i managed to get onto a waiting room stabilizing hospital bed with spit tubes for spit blood out, gowns to get outta blood drenched clothes (especially shorts) and an IV giving me a constant supply of water and saline to keep from dehydrating. They had to call doctors from Dallas to come here
(Fort Worth) by now, it was past 1am, and all the ear, throat, and nose doctors were gone. I waited probably an hour or so for them to get there. I still was constantly throwing up blood, much more than the nurses expected. A total of 7 times (counting the 2 times before getting in that room). One of the nurses Daniel didn't like as when she was helping to change the gown, i started spitting again, but i didn't know how to ask them to get me spitting tube yet... Sometimes aggressive commands are what some ppl need though so I could understand why she was like that. My fav nurse was probably Chris. He seemed to be the most caring one. I wasn't in much pain at all, jus traumatic fear of a possibility of dying. They eventually figured out it was better to give me a bib thing to throw up on instead of changing gown everytime, but by then, my body was too weak to throw up anymore. My pain lv jumped to much much higher pain levels, much more than the swallowing pains after first surgery. i rated it a 9 (jumped from 4-5 to 9) this only lasted a few min though then i began losing consciousness..... I could start to only be able to hear the persistent hum in my ears and my vision started blurring, so i closed my eyes (i don't know about sense of smell (nose kept getting drowned out by blood- kept having to lightly blow it out after some of the throw ups)) my sense of taste was getting lost as i couldn’t' taste blood as much and not sure about touch i could feel that blood was trying to clot I REALLY NEEDED TO STOP SWALLOWING!!... The nurses at first wanted me to stay awake i guess for checking stuff, but by then, they said it was okay to sleep. So i slept a bit and bleeding went away. A lil while later, I was moved to Preoperating room and they wanted me to do a urine test. At first, i tried to do the pan thing but that wouldn't work for me, so i walked all the way to bathroom. I had bowels and urines. I felt much better after that, they both looked healthy too (although bowel was slightly on green side) I then had anesthetics again. The last thing i remember was them telling me to roll over onto operating bed. When i woke back up, i was in the preoperating room again. After they took vital signs and stuff, i was shipped off to a recovery room. I was very weak... I could barely move and get up to go to bathroom. I had runs on top of that. I went several times; at first the nurses there thought that i was on my period since there was a pool of blood every time i went but no, that was from all the blood i swallowed (during 2nd surgery, they vacuumed all the blood out from stomach they could reach, but apparently some already got digested) so for the next 24 hrs or so, i was pooping out blood and blood clotts.... I shared a room with one other lady. we all watched the Scooby Doo movie. Daniel stayed with me the whole time. I couldn’t go back to sleep as much as i tried. I got into recovery room around 6am and couldn't fall asleep until around 2pm. They were gonna keep me for another day, but i was healing faster than predicted. All the functional things happened: i could walk, goto bathroom and eat. I ate sum pudding, milk, and apple juice. They were putting saline and nausea preventing fluids in me with an IV and i drank one dose of pain killer. When i got home, i kept going straight to bathroom. I think i tried to goto sleep after that...
Day 12-14: I had absolutely no energy as the white blood cells had not yet replenished themselves. The first day, laying down was even hard. Slightly sitting up was my best option. I watched Mr. Rogers, Arthur, Host Club, and the rest of NANA (or wait, i think this was before 2nd surgery). Carolyn Lorenzo came to see me on Monday. On Tuesday, I had to miss my first day of class. Also, i began itching terribly in vaginal area (could be from pads i wore for blood coming out from intestines, or from not cleaning enough past few days?) clit was swollen and labia was redder than normal. What next? I thought i had gone through enough...... I took baths and stuff alot. I thought it could also have to do with all "good" bacteria being dead from the deadly mixture (for the bacteria) of birth control pills, surgery meds, not eating live cultures for extended amounts of time, drinking fluoride water bottle water, and not eating enough... SO after that, im eating 2 or 3 different probiotics from yogurts and stuff...
Days 15-23(today): So i went back to school and started up work again. On like Friday or so, i began eating solid foods again (jus no reel spicy or crunchy) On Sunday, i went to grandparents house, Irving anime club, Moni's (for Daniel the Jew's return), and work. It was the longest day yet since original surgery. I was so tired..... Since then, I’ve had 2 test (both B's i think) and been seeing pulse in my eyes. Will also wake up from loud heart beats, but when i check pulse, it's still only like 78bpm. I've had trouble sleeping. Yesterday, i couldn't even stay up to watch Dr. Oz show all the way without passing out asleep (about 345pm). Then i wake up at 10pm and can't get back to sleep till 4am or so... since the surgeries, I’ve grown real long nails, in last few days, however, they have been broken down gradually due to me actually doing stuff with my hands now (like typing this). So i went to doctor this smorning... and they discovered that i have a gaping hole in the back of the left side of throat. btw, i still havent fully regained voice. and ive developed a bit of a cough.... Marilyn said that she had holes in her throat after surgery too. She said jus to keep them clean and they should be fine... Doctors didn't know what to think today, so there gonna discuss with other docs to see what the best option is... Oh.........
This was my first ever surgical experience, it was pretty terrible, not sure yet if it was worthwhile (can actually breathe outta nose well now though [feeling air in throat from breathing in nose for 1st time ever]) but there could always be worse too (like the hundreds of complications my father goes through all the time he's in the hospital for lots of things; and my mom that seems to react badly to all sorts of medicines and such...) I will continue to pray to God that i heal efficiently...... yum_salmon yes, at first, my dreams were all about craving sex during recovery period, but then it was fish and pickle cravings... my friend Robb jokingly said that i was pregnant.... haha

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    Oh and also James S, Kevin M, and Dustin N have been checking up on me. (especially James) they so awesome friends.... heart

    comment kuddly_kirara · Community Member · Fri Jul 19, 2013 @ 03:29am
    Did you ever hear back from the doctors about the hole? I love you and I'm so glad that even with the hole, you're finally recovering pretty steadily. No more throat pain and can breathe through nose? I still call it a winner. smile

    comment otakuintehmaking · Community Member · Fri Jul 26, 2013 @ 09:16am
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