happines is unattainable without you here in my arms because life is a meaningless adventure without a treasure to hold onto with out a reason to fight i might as well lay down the 10 count is rising and my body is dying does it really matter if am trying cuz without the prize there can not be a fighter for in the end your all that matters
holds you a treasure i might be but still deprived of my true desires and needs the neglect continues the abuse amounts itself against my flesh and mind against my soul and against everything that i am howm uch longer can i hold out my breath slowly fading as water fills my lungs im losing the war and havent the ddrive to keep struggling save me soon please i beg you because there isnt much left to me scared for me fear the motivation time ticks down on an impending clock the rush the race a challange presented what wwill the result be when the clock hits zero will the saving grace swoop in and steal hiim from sorrow or will the misery force him to sink into eternal suffering and engulf him whole only mone has the ability to prevent this but it lays in her heart there isnt much left he can do

stumbliing down the alleyway the night grows darker midnight hour and his loss grows his flesh bears the toll of the survival and the miserable existance that has become his life the mangled wreck of the truth that oince was now only a lie to a new world order a regime built upon the perceptual lies of others founded with the cruelest of intentions to destroy and deptrive humanity of itself to fdefeat the human within us to make us the monsters we act like to erase what is to make room for the iillusion for what is wanted but what can never be pitiful world keep trying to change me soon youll see that im the only one left breathing because breath is not the intake of air but the effort in which air is taken in and as long as i take air into my body i will use it to fight and defy evey last thing that is thrown at me because thats all i can do for those that will come after me