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Niatsu's Journal
God's watching me with his blind eye
Sanity is becoming a slippery beat. Or sobriety? I just they can have surface situational similarities.. however lack of sobriety is not the cause for the lack of sanity. In fact substances are slowing down my loss of grip on reality.
Why would you put it in your vein. The ones can we pump the blood away from the heart, desired direction being into it. Tingling in my hand.. I'm in a rush. Back on point, why not the muscle tissue? I guess bigger spread and slower blood flow. Numb arm. Stick with the tried and true. Trying to perfect the process, who am I? Just a little s**t. However may I still continue to be ever so rude, may I suggest, liquid B12 instead of distilled water. B-12 increases oxygen absorption and the blood flow.. stick with me here.. blood flow through the brain... increasing the effect. However ( the word of the day) increased metabolism could translate to getting it out of your system sooner. So client has options, height or length of the experience. I need length. Any feeling needs to be cut. Of course there's a great option to go along on this trip, 5-HTP and L-Triptophan, along with it's sybilings 8*]*|€|€ €{€{€|€{+[+[=_ natural relaxants.. Do we want natural? We have engineered better.. better can kill you faster. Natural of is. Dymethol Tripthaphan... strip it to its pure form ready to be shot in mix. You'll blast of into the outer space and in about couple minutes you land in heaven. You won't see reality for a while. 20/80 mix is my guess.
My eyes don't focus in synchrony. Closing one eye puts me more in reality. Because of some pseudo out of sync messes with the brain perception. Causing mild headaches and lack of focus. 20 second cycles. Riding the sine wave, black background + neon pulse. You didn't pay attention. Peaks, that's the wave.
They want to take me back. Drag me back down there to that cold place. So ******** cold there and it's not the temperature. Petrifies me. I don't know why. Death would me so much easier if I didn't meet the destination. Water? Are you ******** kidding me? ******** you! I don't know how relative your time is to mine. It's not. I see you stepping closer and I try to fine pattern, trying see a diagram in my head. Truth is I don't know when. Di you get these eyes from dying. When I look at them I see them get old and decrepit. I don't see in the present. Wretched curse. Body is a burden attaching me to the sand clock. With that in mind I will gladly accept your invitation. Eternity doesn't seem that bad anymore. Are we trading spots or sharing? I hope you see I put the vessel on the right track. What is the capability of human body? Is everyone capable of such things. I shall have the answers when I exit and sip from the chalice.
Such fragile kings.

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