These days and sad ways have no rreal end too them,
the sad faces and happy days are all pretend too them,
why do i mess up, fess up, ive found out that i trip over my own feet,
i admit defeat too myself isn't that sweet, I've figured it out and now my pain is lessening, my head is clear and there's no more mirrors too show me what im missing, im happy with this passion it stabbed me and glistened, the blood ran down my back i didnt scream i listened, too every word i heard a tear flowed, because no one had known, they never knew the joy of a place a dream a thrown, a way a path a life too call there own, so they lost there path and were force too go prone, -knocked down flat on there back ,then dragged too a place unknown, you dont see beauty, well if only you knew me, i still wouldnt show you cuz im invisible and everyone moves through me, no i still cant get this, i ill swim through gallons of smoke too forget it, this does not solve my problem, it puts all of them off and and kills me inside secretly because im on one, this story is long done, but the show most go on, so ill leave you with words, incomplete sentences, and slurrs, its all fun.