Soquili's Name: Nasor Eshe
Name meaning: “Saved Life”. She was named ‘saved life’ because she was sickly as a young foul but was able to survive with the help of her parents and her most beloved brother.
Gender: Female
Temper: Lively

Personality of Soquili: Nasor is lively, even if most the time she can only be lively in spirit due to her weakness. She is always seen with a smile on her face, from a soft curve of the lips or a warm sweet smile to the widest of silly grins. You will rarely find her with a frown since one of her main goals is to make everyone’s lives better. And her idea on how to do that is to show people there is always a ray of sunshine. She views everything as a miracle, and often looks at things as if it is the first time seeing it, even if she has experienced it before. Because of her weak lungs she has a soft wispy voice. When she is relaxed, it gets a little deeper. And when she is very excited it gets a little raspy. It pains her to talk very loud and makes her throat raw.

Crying is dangerous for her. If it gets out of hand it can be on the brink of deadly. When she cries she scrunches up her face and holds her breath when she feels a whimper coming on. She very much dislikes others seeing her hurt feelings, not wanting them to feel bad or sorry for her. It gets dangerous when she starts wanting to whimper a lot and thus holds her breath longer. Her lungs can’t handle all the stress and heaving.

She hates using the word “hate”. And if she used it, it is in a light sense. If she truly hates something she will say she “greatly dislikes” something. For instance, she hates tripping over things. But she greatly dislikes when others pick on someone. She will instantly step in and defend the other horse.

She is a slight hot-head, though it is bad for her since she can’t really raise her voice and can’t have any extreme exercise like fighting. She only gets hot-headed when someone has had some kind of injustice on them or if someone needs sticking up for. She is greatly passionate about defending those beings. Even if all she can do is try and negotiate peace.

She has no sense of time, besides hour in a day. Something that happened last week could have been two months to her. Or something that occurred three months ago could have been two weeks ago. It happened when she got trapped in a cave when she was young and it screwed up her internal clock. Luckily she has regained enough to know when to go back to the herd after gathering food or other such things.

Backstory: When Nasor was young, she lived with her parents and siblings. Others were always joking that there must have been so much love between the parents that it overflowed into a big birth. She has three siblings, being the youngest of them all. Though she was especially close with her brother ___. He would always look after her. Making sure she didn’t push herself too hard, but always making sure she had fun.

One day, a new herd entered their territory. Her father, usually care-free, felt worried about the interruption since he had new foals. After kindly asking if they would leave, they attacked. Her mother whisked her children away as her father distracted the other herd and kept them away. Unfortunately, some were able to get past and chase after them. Her mother could tell Nasor was about to have a coughing fit and saw her chance when they had a small lead. Her mother pushed her and her beloved brother into a deep cave and told them to hide here while her mother and two other siblings run away and keep the chasers off their trail.

Nasor had started heaving by the time her family had left the two of them in the cave. To make sure the bad soquili didn’t hear, he urged her deeper in the cave with him. But they didn’t see the ledge and she fell down a steep cliff that she couldn’t climb back up. He told her to wait there while he tried to find a trail that would lead down to her. In order to keep her mind off being lost and try not to cry, she decided to walk a little and see if she could find a way out. That way she could go back and show her brother a way out and they could rejoin their family.

She lost track of time, being down there. Licking the walls for moisture when she got thirsty or eating little mushrooms when she would get thirsty. When she was finally able to find an exit back into open air, she could recognize none of her surroundings. She was completely and utterly lost without her family. But she would not give up. Her mother had taught her that with love still in your heart, anything was possible. So she kept moving. Eating wild berries and drinking from streams when she could.

It was when she had entered a new forest when she encountered a large horse. It seemed intent on hurting her so she ran. Teasing her by nipping on her heals when she would start to lose pace then dropping back with a pleasured sneer as she tried to run faster. This seemed to last all day, or it could have been just fifteen minutes. The horse seamed to recognize its surroundings and snarled. Dropping off and running in a different direction. Nasor finally had time to rest and tried to collect herself. She had started to wheeze and she finally couldn’t help but to cry. It had been so long since she had seen her family and there seemed to be no hope of ever finding them again.

When she started to cry, her breathing became shallow and her wheezes got worse. She was able to glimpse a strange horse shaped silhouette with leaves sticking up on its head before she finally lost consciousness. When finally awaking, she was surrounded by the strange looking horses in surroundings that looked like it could hold four of her family.

The only thing keeping her from running away was the soothing song of a horse nearby. They had learned when she was unconscious that gentle song eased her breathing slightly. While another of the beings explained what they were called and where she was. The herd of Harpies called The Flock.

Future Plots:
~I would like it if a singer in the tribe took her under her wing and gave her singing lessons. It would help strengthen her lungs and would give her a feeling of usefulness. Pleasing people with her voice and seeing their faces light up at the sound of her voice would make her very happy. Though the main part of this plot is to give her lessons on strengthening her lungs. Maybe her mentor can discover she is pushing herself too far and teach her a lesson.

~ I would like for her to see someone fighting with another. Like an enemy has come to the outskirts and is picking on someone, she happens to be there to see it. She tries to intervene and protect the creature being picked on, but fails. The enemy then sets their sights on Nasor and starts pushing her. Nasors starting to lightly hyperventilate. This is when another harpy finds them and rescues her/chases off the enemy. She gets a stern talking to about not trying to stop a bully if you can’t protect yourself and learns talking doesn’t always solve a problem.

~After seeing the creature killed and not being able to stop the enemy, she asks her singing mentor if she knows anyone who can teach her how to protect herself and others. The mentor only agrees because it is for a good cause and knows Nasor will need to be able to protect herself. Also she has gotten a little better with her lungs and thinks she will be able to handle a little work out now.

~Nasor is introduced to her fighting teacher. The teacher tries to see how far she can go and doesn’t believe her weakness. Thus pushes her too far and Nasor faints from not being able to breath. Her singing teacher goes to check on her and sees her faint because of being pushed. She then gets the healers to help ease her breathing and apologizes for giving her the wrong teacher. Nasor is not mad at her mentor though. It has taught her to know her own barriers and that she doesn’t have to push herself past her limits to try and impress others. She is then giving the right fighting teacher.

Physical description:
*See form

Reference pictures (optional):
*See form

Mock-Breeding?: No. This is a OC I have from Shadows of Africa =3 &3.

Do you RP?: I try to nwn&3. I have recently gotten more frequent with rping&3. I can also rp through instant messaging. I am moving into apartments soon *the next month?* and will hopefully be getting internet at home so I will be able to get on much easier nwn&333.
Example(s) of RP: Marnie and Chessure rp

Do you agree with our terms?: Of course =o. It’s your contest nwn&3.

Nasor Eshe Cosplay Form
Edit Category: Extreme?
Soquili Species: Harpy pawed mutant
Body Build: Normal
Gender: Female
Starting Stage: Adult
Concept Origin: OC
WIP Needed? Yes

~*~ Colors & Markings ~*~
Body: See ref
Face: See ref
Mane: blue with silver streaks
Tail: What you think looks best
Hooves/Fetlocks: just like the ref
Reference Image(s): Mane

~*~ Physical Traits ~*~
Horn(s): No
Wings: Falcon style. I guess colored some thing like her tail =3.
Fins: No
Scales: No
Other Notes: All four legs are clawed. She has cream leg scales *like on the hyppogryph ref pic. The same cream color as her heart spots*
I would like her to have some feathers from the cockatoo head feathers. But I would like it to blend in with her hair like it does with Tembrook owned by Saedusk.
~This pet is based off this pet. If there is any way to get the ear coloring like the soa, I would love that<3.

~*~ Accessories & Edits ~*~
Trading Post Items: None
Custom Items:
Mane: Based off the picture above. But more of it. It is also long and should reach to her knees or a little above.
Tail: Like the Jocoa version with the leaves.
~I would like a few dragonflies flying around her, maybe one can be on a flower.
~I would also like a small kitten to be sitting at her feet, looking curiously at a dragonfly while batting at it with a paw. *Note: If the kitten makes it above mod edits, you may take it off. The kitten should look like this pet. It is colored like her favorite brother.
~this necklace
~Little tufts of fur on the tops of the ears
~Basically any edit you see on the Jocoa version&3.

Reference Image(s) for Items:
original mane ref, Original necklace/bracelette ref, Jocoa version

~*~ Tag Specifics ~*~
Name of horse: Nasor Eshe
Owner: ladyfirefox89
Breed: Regular
Temper: lively
Mate: N/A
Tag Background: TBD
Tag frame color: TBD
Tag feather color(s): TBD