Dream Log Night before 7/17/13
So my first dream, pretty sure it was my first, I could rip out half of my left eye and this grosses me out. Like my cornea was removable. It was kind of painful and weird feeling but i was still ok. It was so weird.
Next dream i was in this some kind of party wearhouse place. Strobe lights it was all dark with just colorful lights running through the crowd as kick ass music was playing. Then suddenly im in this room just barely 30 ft. from the crowd and i sit down ni a chair. Few seconds later i get up to go join the party and i notice someone laying on the floor but then realized they were dead because their ghost was just above them. I was like OH DANG. in my head.
Then sudenly im like Wait how can i see their ghost? I turn around to see my body still sitting in the chair. Im like OH sh*t. o-o im dead.
I didnt know what to do, i knida just stood in the crowd listening ot the music, i have no idea how i died.
But i knew i was still on earth for a reason, unfinished business and all that. So i went to go find my sister and her boyfriend, who are also dead for some reason. They were outside hugging eachother/making out whatever and im like
"Ay, i need you to drive me somewhere so i can go to heaven Bl " Shes like "Mkay, where"
Me: "I need you ot help me get to the man i love so i can finally see him."
Her: "What? no. You dont even know where he is."
Me: "Come on, i just need to see him then i can move on."
her: "-sigh- Fine." So for some reason my dad joins and he drives us and apparently he can see us. I guess the reason he drove us is because we realized she cant drive a car as a ghost, derp.
My dad wasnt too excited for his 17 year old daughter to met some guy far away who she claims to be in love with, but actually irl i think he might be a bit more ok with it, maybe sad but yeah.
So we reach the town that i somehow knew he lived in and we just started asking around. We mentioned his name to some lady and she let us into her house. Oh yeah my mom was suddenly there too. So we are all in her house and she introduces us to her kids im like Omg he might be here. But they end up being midget sized men looknig children im like o-o'''''' And then the lady is like "Oh yeah i think i know where shane is, the address is 2350549 or whatever the hell number she said. maybe it was like 23051 maybe? I dunno. So i start to write it down thinking Alright im almost going to see him finally. Aaaand then i wake up. ;w;
But i think i fall back asleep somewhat and someone was like Omg shane just died now you guys can be ghosts together so, mixed feelings about that but yeah. Still didnt see him though. ; w ;