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General Info
Role: Shadow Weaver

Full Name: Darrius Rensen Hol

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Snap, Dee

Preferred name: Snap, Dee

Age/Date of Birth: 21/ May 3rd, 1992

Sex: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Demon

Religion: None

Personality: Laid Back, Mischievous, Flirtatious, Comes off as mean and uncaring at times, Soft spot for women majority of the time, Bittersweet when it comes to fighting, Likes to push people's buttons, Has a strange liking to tribal like themes


Skin Tone: Dark Skinned (Sometimes Red)

Height: 6'3

Weight: 220

Build: Well Toned

Eyes:Grey/Silverish(Yellow when red)

Hair: Short, Unruly, Black

Clothes Style: Normally near nude in a pair of underwear, sports a pair of gloves or bandages, winged armbands, a bone necklace, white boots or bandages, or sometimes wearing a very tribal like attire.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Tribal like tattoos over his body


Weapons (if any): Shadow Constructs

Special Abilities/Skills: Flight, Travels through Shadows using the Shadow Zone, Able to manipulate Shadows into Constructs as long as there is one in sight(usually uses his own for a quick access, and someone else's if his own is behind him, out of sight), Regeneration(only inside of the Shadow Zone is this possible, and takes up to an hour or so to happen), Able to Take non Shadow Weavers to the Shadowlands through the Shadow Zone(but risk them getting hurt or dying if they lose sight or touch of him if he loses too much energy to keep them shielded in his Shadow Veil), Shadow Veil keeps him protected as long as he has enough stamina to keep using it, Shadow Drain is his ability to Drain energy from nearby shadows(he can only regain up to 50% every five minutes, 80% from a stationary opponent), is able to see through the eyes of another if he is inside of their shadow

*Note: Because Snap's powers comes from Shadows and his powers in particular are very powerful, to keep him from being Over Powered, his powers will use up a lot of stamina but in turn he also starts off with a lot of stamina*


Current Relationship Status: Single

Relationship History: None

Family: None that he wishes to speak of for the moment

History: A powerful Demon, born with the power to manipulate shadows at his own will and imagination, Darrius Rensen Hol, better known and rather be known as Snap, is a Shadow Weaver, a citizen of the Shadowlands, a realm within the shadows of everything that gives one off. Snap is in actuality the prince, although he'd rather not be associated with royalty and be treated specially by others. He lived the lavish life as a kind and friendly prince born under King Darrion Tretson Hol and Queen Chamsees Trinidad-Hol, who were kind to the people but also did not wish to be associated directly with them. He ran away from home at the age of 10, due to not being able to associate with those outside of the family as friends, and often getting in trouble for attempting to play with the other Demon Children. He lived alone in the streets of the Shadowlands for 11 years before gaining the ability to travel to other realms through the shadows. He stumbles upon a unfamiliar place, as the Shadowlands is all he has ever known.

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