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Basic information:
Loki is what you would call….A ‘HEX’. He is more of a mercenary for the Aleatorem army, yet does so in a more interesting manner. Being a mute, he does not contribute to talking, and his actual name has never been spoken. He has never been seen within out the black skin like form around his body, and without the white mask. Taking the name of a god, he was nicknamed this by the leader of the army, and by his wife Rune. Loki is around 7 feet tall, with a tight skinned build. The tight skin shows in complete detail, the muscle, and bone of Loki, this adds to the fear factor, and is one of the downfalls of a HEX. A HEX, is a type of race solely used as killers. They kill different races, yet bond with one other HEX, and become eternally bound to them. The males usually being more powerful than the females, they are like assassins, or hit men. This race is more aligned with neutrality, and helps who they see fit to help, some suffer from being mute, or dumb.. This isn’t the form of which one is stupid, seeing in this situation, Loki has an IQ of 250. The race has the abilities to use telekinesis, and some other abilities, justified by functions such as enhanced speed, strength, and because of the black skin… The ability to ‘Shadow blend’. Average life spans for a HEX is around 900 years of age, Loki is around 345, very young into his life. The average HEX is dangerous, and skilled with weapons. HEX live out their days after birth, learning the ways of combat with their creators (Parents). They hold no true classification, and most wear a white mask like piece, to identify which is which, and who is who. Males are bald, and have a more defined visual of the bones, than a female. The females are more agile, yet not as strong as a male HEX. Reproduction processes of making offspring, is the same as humans, and is a highly respected act. Average height of a HEX is 6’7”, record height is 9 feet. The average weight is 230 LBS, best weight is 245 LBS. This happens to be Loki’s height. Females are a little slimmer, and weigh less. They are smaller than the males, and have a lower weight. A HEX is a mostly quiet race, they are respectful and well disciplined, they are concealed and hidden killers, who weight for the right time. They subject to fighting for those they love, and will kill anyone if their mates are messed with. They fight as teams, and don’t give up easily. They use blades, and other such tools to do their dirty work. When a HEX bonds with another, they share a mental connection through telepathy. This allows them to interact with each other, and share a more common bond.
Loki uses his telepathy to interact, having Rune speak for him. Being a mute, he can not talk at all, and can not make verbal response to anything. Though challenged by this, he has very good hearing, and sight. His photographic memory allows him to remember entire areas, and plan out easier. Being loyal to the Aleatorem and his wife Rune, he would protect Aleatorem with almost any means, and his wife with absolutely all means. He thinks purely before doing. He prefers using his brute force, and katana along with his hand to hand combat to decimate his enemies. He was born on October 1st, and has a zodiac of Libra. He does not attract attention to himself, or tries not to, and uses stealth, and brute force to his advantage.

Loki doesn’t wear a lot of clothing, this is mostly because not many HEXs do. A HEX tends to show off what they look like, yet wear clothing as well that is light weight, and in nature not very protective. Being more about stealth, the HEX does not need heavy armor, nor want heavy armor, and does not usually use guns, so is more accepted with a blade. The outfit that Loki wears is a very different one from normal beings. The chest, and torso is bare, and shows off the muscular look of his body. On the right arm, a large bandage is made over his entire arm, from shoulder, to finger tip. This bandage is old tattered leather that hides a series of crimson markings on his arm, which signify sin, and fate. These markings also contribute with scars, and other such injury remains, which make his look more fearsome. The arm is also hidden because of the fact it holds a gem in the palm, which allows a unique ability. The brown bandages are made from carefully woven leather, which is tempered, and flexible from years of use. This bandage is made to slip off, and is used for his preparation of securing, and releasing his special abilities. The gem is a crimson color, with a seal of drenkei in the center. The left arm of Loki has a bandage on the upper arm, which is made of tempered leather. This like the bandages, are flexible from use, and cover a large crimson marking which looks like the seal on the gem. The wrist is also covered with this leather. The wrist having scars and such lined on the wrist. The leather is bandaged on it, and scales around 4 times each. A belt made of the same leather, color, and flexibility is located around the waist. This mostly ties down the tattered remains of his cloak, which hangs down to his feet, in tattered proportions in the back. The front only goes down to the knees. This black robe was made of camel hide, which was softened, and tainted black. Under this, a pair of long black stockings, made of triple thread cotton are around the legs, bandaged on the thighs, and shines all the way around 4 times each with the same leather. The feet are covered by a pair of crapes, which are another name for shoes, except made poorly. These crapes are a black tint, made from the camel hide, except have cork wood soles. These are absorbent, and keep dry by way of the camel skin, and are also cool. The crapes keep a breathing for the feet, and don’t make them sweaty.
Finally, stitched to the face of Loki, is by far his oldest memory. The black body is fitted and stitched with a large mask made of camel bone that has been welded and morphed to look like two slits are closed. Inside these slits, lay the eyes of Loki, the slits are modified like a knight’s eye slant, these protect from weapons, and injury, while allowing full vision of the area around him. The teeth of the camel bone, have been shaved, and flattened. The bottom jaw is not part of the process, and the nose is modified as well to look like the users. The mask is stitched together with titanium, and held in place being drilled deep into the bone when stitched. The mask is near impossible to take off, and has been on Loki since he was 7 years old. It has a scar on the left eye, almost as if it was chipped, from when he was younger, and was almost killed.

Super Strength/Speed: Male HEX are born with exceedingly dominate strength, and speed against other races. Their need for stealth calls for the speed, and their need for strength in killing enemies helps dramatically with the race’s evolution. This is simply how a HEX is so strong, and fast. Over years, the training has paced the race to be stronger, and faster, so each generation, the speed, and strength of the race has enhanced. Over time, and countless cases of evolution, they finally are able at average, to lift up to 600 pounds, and run around 170 miles per hour, without specialized training. Loki, is a tad bit different. He has further excelled this by means of genetic mutation from Axiel himself. The mutations done to loki, have further granted him an increase in speed, and strength. He is able to at full limits carry around 790 LBS, and can run 220 miles per hour on near max sprint. He is able to hold his sprint and endurance for some time. Both being factors from evolution and from mutation. The mutations act mostly like steroids, plus muscle enhancers. These justify the small change, without harm to the mood/thinking, or the physical appearance of Loki.
Telekinesis; Telekinesis is a common power amongst many beings on the supernatural plane of existence, and is the key power of a HEX. The telekinesis is Loki’s best ability in combat, and out of combat. Not to be confused with telepathy, where they almost have the same rules that apply, Telekinesis is an ability to mentally affect the physical, or mentally attack the mental state of others. This over time takes a lot of training which a HEX receives for the first 100 years of their lives, and are trained, and taught every aspect of it. They are able to use this power from neuron enhancement which they were born with. This allows the fingers of which the theory of the soul, or life force thinks of something, or focuses enough, to instill effects upon physical frames. When this is being taught, they are taught to use it to make the enemy imagine things, and hallucinate. They are taught top depress the enemy, and torture them mentally. It is also taught to them in a way to alter the reality of the enemy, and bend it to what the user wants. In this case, Loki often uses it to bend the reality of the enemy into thinking he is dead, then kill them as if he was a spirit. Users of telekinesis, are relatively smart, and are able to levitate; both themselves, and objects. This applies more concentration, yet is a passive trait. All HEX life forms are born with this, those who are not, are slaughtered. The ability to use these functions also is on mental stability of the HEX. It is also what paves the way for the telepathy with their mate. Time and training in combat against Drath, Axiel and Krill, has made him more sharpened with his mental skills. Finding a scroll from Drath, he used it from inside the armor of the dead titan, granting him the ability of which Drath used to create ‘Para-realities’. These are basically changing what the user perspective of something is, altering where they are, so it is almost like a dream. This helps the user inflect damage seeing it is hard to physically evade and once in trance, it is hard to escape it. The target enters another version of reality to anything they think, except the one they are physically in. If they break it, which can be done by being stronger, the user can even bounce it back on Loki, though he can defend it. These being added into his abilities from his victory against Drath, he can not use this immediately and takes much concentration and time to cast without 100 percent result of doing such. If someone can defend it though, they would lose most concentration unless trained to fend against such, or if they are of higher being.
Telepathy: Telepathy is a form of communication thought in theory, to have been lost in human beings through evolution, and separation of trust, and nature with one another. The ability of telepathy happens in a much similar way as telekinesis, yet is not a combative trait. The ability is in all HEX, and are mastered when telekinesis is. This process unless trained other wise, is only made for the HEX, and his HEX mate. They share connection once married, and completely in a trust with each other, thus giving them the ability to read each others minds, and to communicate to each other like a telephone call. The telepathy works by sensing what their mates’ emotions are, and by way of hearing what they are thinking to the mate. This is thought to exist among animals, and even twins or triplets during birth. The scale Loki uses it, is for the ability to communicate with his mate, and to communicate with others. He is able through years of training to only connect with people and share his emotions with them, but not thoughts. This training helped him in life many times, and tends to get the point across to people, thus being an important power to Loki.
Typhomancery: Thyphomancery is the ability to basically control, and turn into smoke. The power uses the elements of smoke, to create smoke screens, breath smoke freely, and even turn into a Smokey form. The smoke like ability is primarily able to be done by Loki because of the gem on his right palm. This was implanted into his hand by his father. The gem is a rare stone that consists of crystallized dragon smoke. A rarity which is only constructed by wizardry, and the elemental magic. Such training with it, and because of the magic inside the gem allowing the user’s body to turn into the gas like smoke, creates the same mass, but excels into the volume, expanding, and surrounding the area it is enclosed in. This is able to then be rebound back into the solid form when the gem runs out of energy, and must refuel itself which is done by kinetic energy through movement. This of course being designed by the wizard who made it, in order to preserve the ability. This ability takes concentration, and only occurs when the gem reaches oxygen, and in which, the mental capacity of the user allows the gem to overcome, and temporarily isolate the bonds that the user once had. Such is sealed with the pentagram to preserve the soul into the smoke, which can also allow the user to use this. The smoke can be contained into areas to form a wispy figure, which makes bullets, and melee weapons useless towards Loki. The figure is all black, with a white piece of smoke, which is the bone like mask. The arm appears to be crimson, which is on the right, and a gem is glowing within gas form. The training that Loki received with it, allows him to use it freely, and allows him to extend the use of the gem for 10 minutes exactly, before he turns back into a solid state, during which, being vulnerable to attack. The ability helps Loki survive, and uses it to kill off the enemy by choking them, blinding them, and poisoning them. Some other good things about this power for Loki, is seeing he has worked his way by training, them Gem which grants him this has turned into a passive trait. Now he an turn tangible and intangible just by thinking it in his mind. This comes from the thought process and him being mute, he thinks the abilities such as turning intangible and can turn that way. When he is creating smoke screens and smoke bombs, he can turn his body into the color of the smoke. These are from molecules in the body not being fully solid. He can grip things when condensing, yet he can easily turn back into a gas. He no longer requires the need of sparking the air, though he can if needed. Aside from this, he is able to use Telekinesis with this and create a much stronger bond of control. Being pretty much able to create a healing effect by turning his body into smoke, he has allowed himself to reform with injury lessened. Of course, if the smoke is drained, he can not recover it and must generate it by way of concentration.


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Smoke’s Edge: ‘Smoke’s Edge’ is a type of short sword around 1 ½ feet long, and with multiple functions for combat. The odd design of the blade is a more aerodynamic one, which was the initial design from the commander of Loki himself. The blade is designed the be light weight, and have a stab, slice, and puncture effect depending on the move in combat. The blade is made up of two parts, the blade/hilt, which are a single piece of titanium carbonate. This means the blade is stronger, and more durable than the normal titanium that is standard to combat armors, and medical equipment, and even some weapons. The blade from the hilt, goes up two hand lengths, and then a ¾ inch hand guard is shaved out of it. This then comes out in a quarter circle, and makes its way to the serrated teeth of the blade, which span the whole way up, until a curve out, and then back to the tip of the blade, which is made like a bayonet, with a smooth slicing edge. Coming back to the hilt, the back of the blade is smooth until 2/4s of an inch away from the hand guard, where it gets bumpy, in teeth like half circles, 7 to be exact. These are all razor sharp, and made for ripping skin if needed. The hilt then spans down, and curves near the bottom. This completes the blade portion. Next a braid of leather, has been made into a tight rope. This spans from the hand guard, to the bottom of the hilt, and is melted onto it. This creates a sturdy, and incredibly protective and productive grip on the blade seeing the bumps of the rope remain. The blade, returning to some information on it, is wrapped 7 times, each layer stronger than the first, which is not durable, and was still melting when placed on. The blade took a while to be crafted, but can cut through steel with no issues. The blade is intended for Loki, only weighing 20 LBS. The sword is for close quarters combat, not longer range. The weapon finally is a char black tinted color. On the blade in Silver, is ‘Smoke’s Edge’, in order to show off the name of the blade. This is a flat silver, as not to shine and attract people. As people already know, titanium is not magnetic, yet it incredibly durable. It does not suffer from corrosion, and is made for large amounts of stress. The carbon density makes photonic damage virtually useless, and also allows for more ware and tear, before being broken.

Chapter 1; Origin: In the beginning of a HEX’s life, they do not know which way they will fall upon, and they know even less about where they will end up. They may live, or they may die. They always seem to do one of the two, with no in between… Never had the middle been crossed. The HEX were warriors, not mercenaries. They were glory fighters, not assassins. Yet one thing may never be the same with the young child, of Endless, and Monarch.. Two highly respected HEX among the community of which they lived. They had been the leading warriors in the community, they both as male and female killed many. They were a match of HEX destiny… Yet god bestowed upon them a forsaken being. One who should not have lived among the world, for he himself would change the HEX’s honor. He, and his mate, and closest ally.
Chapter 2; Child of a god: Loki, a young male HEX named after the god Loki, was born a mute, and incredibly weak. The young child was picked on through training, yet always excelled at the strength, and speed that he had to. He even became top of his clan, at the age of 160, he joined the Kon’hui clan, and became their top killer. Yet he was not like other HEX, he was something more tactical, and was more powerful than others. As a child, his father trained him and placed a small gem in his palm, this gem allowed the use of Typhokinesis, and through years of training, he used the secret power in combat, to control and turn into smoke, in order to kill his enemies. He at first, became what his mother and father thought to be a spitting image of their accomplishments, plus more. However, as fate may tell… He was not destined to die as the HEX his parents wanted him to be.
Chapter 3; Betrayal: When Loki was 230, his parents had another son. His name was ‘Triumph”’ in hopes of the son being as successful as the now number one in the country among HEX. However, that did not happen. The son when growing became angry that he could not beat Loki, and so he had many angry HEX of which Loki killed their family, and they went after the number one. Sadly, all died but Loki, from it, his skull was chipped. The mask of the camel, which he had gained, was not chipped with an arrow’s X. He murdered his brother, and was there by banished by the community, and told to never come back.
Chapter 4; Rune: When he was banished, he left with nothing, except for his gem. He became a wonderer, and finally met a female HEX named Rune. Unable to speak with her, he was able to communicate through writing on paper, and drawings he would make. They both gained a well grounded respect, and eventually fell in love. Both fighting together, and protecting each other. Rune became Loki’s translator, and Loki became her protector. They were unrepeatable, and both fought as rogues united, and eventually married informally.
Chapter 5; คℓєคt๏гє๓: Loki and Rune both finally joined an army that suited what they wanted to do. They wanted to purge the world free of the evils, and the corrupt, and so they joined willingly as mercenaries/ assassins. They were accepted, and went through with no issues, the team with weapons, and further mutations became even stronger, and deadlier than ever before. Still, they were closer together than anything else. Never, would they let go of each other, they were the true destined relations of HEX.
Chapter 6: The Doll; On Loki’s private journeys. He has met several beings so far, one being unparticular is the doll of which he met a few days before the Librarian. The doll seems to like to be on Loki’s shoulder, and in the few days of knowing the doll, he had grown to like the doll, and be protective due to it’s very small size, and incapables for combative styles. With this he finds an ability to use telepathy with it, to also make up for his Mute context with words.
Chapter 7: The Librarian; A few days after meeting the doll, Loki met another being. This one was quite odd, and incredibly uncomforting. It even dared to use a telekinetic blast on his conscious. The being was simply labeled “The librarian”, and left rather quickly. This being is of unknown whereabouts, but Loki does find an interest in the being.
Chapter 8: The man, and the women; The last of the two beings I met friendly wise, is a male and female who seem to be trainer, and trainee. Their names were not received, yet they were able to breath the smoke Loki possesses. They give Loki another interest within who is around, and continue to give him that interest.
Chapter 9: The Death of Axiel; Loki had been fed up over the Valena clones, looking to situate them, he found himself blocked by the former HSX Kaiser and his guards. So, with this issue, Loki solved them. The first he killed, was Axiel. Killing him with his ‘Smoke’s Edge’, he had made quick work. The next was Drath, having used Telekinesis to his advantage, he killed the monstrosity with no issues. Forever stopping the once great titan of evil. Finally, he killed off Krill. The number 3 of HSX, having killed him with lack of oxygen, he fully mastered his abilities with his smoke. He had single-handed finished HSX and had mastered his abilities with smoke. With this, after defeating Drath, he obtained a scroll revealing the secrets of creating para-realities, now he learns this ability, over time he could even become an expert at it.