The next morning was damp and cold, the wereolwves in the dank house seemed uneffected but Rose had shiverd through all night,even after they gave up there blankets to her, when she finaly fell asleep. Her body had adjusted to the nightmares she could now restlessly sleep through them. She got more rest than before but she still always felt like the walking dead. She sat up the next day it was a mondey the alarm on her phone went off. "Get up boy's hope you like cold showers becuse it was all I could do to get the water working in this place."
That had consited of the fact all water was gotten from a wall, and the broken down houses remaining working power came from a generator.
Her head spun when she stood, when the spinning stoped it left behind a dull throb in her skull.
The boy's groaned and she rolled her eye's. "Fine, Ill go first you two better be awake when I get back"
She ignored the head ache and went to the shower, hissing as her body adjusted to a numb state against the cold. She quickly washed up, and stepped out. There was no door so before she got in she had pinned a blanket up for privecy. She knew one of the two would not really be intrested in attempting to look. Said one was the boyfriend of danny, said wolf was Ethan. How ever, she got a vibe thet Aiden had been a peeping tom as a little kid.
She resited shivering even when she was in her cloths.
She waited for the boy's as she gathered there schools books and things they would need. There was only three days this week before christmas break.
She did not realze she had once again dozed off standing up when Ethan fully dressed and ready to go asked her. "You awake" she nodded.
"Yeah, just took some sleeping pills last night there still makeing me foggy I guess"
she smirked," so which one of you boy's is giving me a ride to school?"
Aiden frowned guiltily, "I promised Id pick Lydia up, and if I dont do it today she'll back out"
Rose nodded in understanding, "Its no big deal, even if Ethan cant, I can walk to the bus stop its only a couple of miles" Ethan jumped in though to stop that train of thought. "No, no, I can, besides as my brother fails to remember we owe you" she rolled her eyes. "Fine then lets go".

First period sucked, her head felt like a hot air ballon had peremntly settled inside of it. She could hardley even focus on Ms.Lemon talking about the variation in anatomey between a rabbit and squirl. Luckly she knew it already, but the timed pop quiz did not go well becuse she fell asleep. Waking up with a itch in her throat.

By lunch the pack watched her with concern as she caughed or cleared her throat.
"Are you getting sick?" Stiles asked. She laughed, "What no way, I don't have time. No, Murphey probably just got into something im alergic to is all" it was true that was possible after all she had picked many burrs out of his fur that morning. Boyd eye'd her like, he knew that was'nt it. Scott and the other's took her word for it. Though Allsion said, "Even if it is allegergies you should go see the nurse" Lydia nodded. She shrugged, "Ill be fine"

But the headache did'nt go away and both twins had after school detention until 6, so she had no ride home. The bus took her about 2 miles from where she was staying. But her luck it was poaring down rain..again. What the hell was happening to california.

She pulled her hood up and drew into her jacket. She did not realize this was far to similar to the situation she had been in just a few months ago. This time she did make it out of the rain stripping her wet cloths and putting on dry ones. She Curled into the blankets. Listing to the sound of water filling the many many small cups and buckets were leaks came through the tarp. The thin cloth's did little to help, but she fell asleep anways.

Aiden made it back first Ethan had went to stop by the hospital to see a injured Danny. He was grateful to Rose, not just for getting Derek to give them a chance, but for treating them like family. Being around Rose, was like having a sister. It was weird to start to get close to someone that was not Ethan.

So when he walked in and immiedtly heard the shakey and rattle like bretahing comeing from the girl, he knew she was sick. He bent down next to the pile, she made and shook her slightly. She opend her eyes, and he could feel the fiver on her skin from here. "Your sick"
he stated.
He frowned when she simply nodded.
"Should I call Scott, or someone?"
She shook her head, "Its just a cold don't bug them"
He looked around the 'house' and sighed, he did not remember much about being human, he and his brother were both turned at a very young age. What he did how ever know was what could cause them to be sick. Cold, wet places like this for insatnce. Stress, lack of rest. And lets face it all of those were working against her. But he could'nt force her to call her friends for help. Yet.