She walked into Issac and Scott mummering to themselves about the former very same Alpha's. Scott as usual saw there side of things and was sypathetic, Issac was more apperensive but did not think them a threat anymore.

"Where's derek" she said. They nodded to the kitchen.

She nodded and went in taking a deep breath. Lydia was paceing like she wanted to go in. She sighed and went in deceing it was now or never to face the beast.

She said it like ripping off a band aid. "They want in"
Derek glared and faced her, "Who want what?" he growled.
"Aiden and Ethan want to be apart of the pack, they are willing to help you fight the Alpha pack, even give you all the information they have, even if you don't let them in the pack. But They don't have anywhere to go right now, and for the first time in there lives are Omega's. They willing left the Alpha pack, becuse they saw the evil in it. There good kid's, good wolves"
He let her finish and she perpared herself for the abosulotley not.
"Just give them a...wait a second did you say fine?"
Derek nodded, "its not like we don't have the room"
It was true. The hale house had three levels, the basement which was completely not done right now. The 1st floor, which had a open living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The upstairs was half way finished currently had 4 bedrooms, and a bathroom, but three more bedrooms were still being worked on one of which was almost done. Issac, Cora, and Derek were the only ones who lived there full time. Boyd stayed there when he was not needed at home. The others slept over frequently, and most had there own rooms. By the time the house was finished there would litteraly be enough rooms for everyone with at least 2 rooms to grow the pack if they chose so.
"give me a couple days to tell the rest of the pack"
Rose nodded in shock, "Umm Ok, yeah, well Im going to go have to pick up some ice"
she stated. And walked out, that was way to easy.

She threw Ethan the ice as she walked in. He caught it easily enough they both had been playing war, as silly old school game, that helped to pass the time. "So?"
Aiden asked. She had learned that usualy Aiden was more blunt, it was not that he did'nt care he just genunley did not know any better. Ethan was a bit more resverd but not much. They both were good guys who had a good sense a humor if not a bit cut throat.

"Well he said Fine, asked him if you could join the pack and he said Fine"
she turned on them hands on herh ips in her classic almost mother hen scolding stile.
"Did you to find some spell or something becuse that was just freaky"
They shook there heads a chuckled, "I take it you were not expecting things to go smoothly?" Ethan asked.
She nodded, "I was expecting Death Threats, yelling, growling, hell biteing. At least a classic ' Im going to rip your throat out... with my teeth' she smirked and shrugged laying on her pallet hands behind her head.
"Your lucky, when the pack accepts you, and they will, You'll be apart of the most loyal family Iv ever seen" she closed her eyes and took a tired breath.
The two looked over at her and looked at eachother.
"Arn't you part of the pack?" Ethan asked in confusion.
She leaned on one hand and looked at them, before shaking her head.
"No, I guess its like, there are friends of the family, Im freind of the pack, an outsider who has halfway made there way in" she smiled a tinge of hurt at not being pack but she said geuninly. "I'm just happy to get to see, what I do see, the inner workings, the family ties. Something thats hard to find"
The two smiled and before she knew it she was being tugged into a playful headlock,she could sense the carefulness not to hurt her. This past week in helping them give up tied to there pack, and then even just these last two days keeping them together while they felt the power of being an Alpha fade, she would call them friends, the brother's she never had in a way, they ceirtenly acted like it. She tried not to flinch when they did something like this, and most of the time it only took a second to hear the stutter in her heartbeat.
They let go immediately when they heard it Ethan sat and watched her for a second.
"I don't get you, were where your enemy, and you helped us? Put your life in danger we even attacked you and your still helping us?"
She could feel there eyes in two lines down from her elbow to wrist. Claw marks.
"You did what Ducaliane told to you to" she said firmly.
She let her eyes flicker to the older woman hovering behind the twins. There grandmother, there guardian when they were apart of normal pack and not just the alpha pack.
She smiled softly, as the woman began to fade.
"Lets just say I was guided to see your good side" she leaned up and smacked them both in the back of the head. "But if you ever go back to acting like serial killing dick's again, Ill stick wolfsbane in your cerial!" not the best threat so she added. "And get Derek to rip you apart..with his teeth" she said pointing all to comicaly at her less than werewolf, longer than normal for the average human teeth"
They laughed and it was the sound of another thread attatched to the girl who runs with wolves.