Rose was going to tell the pack but then she found out about the situation with the Alpha pack which although lying low at the moment could escalting any moment, she lied when Stiles asked where she was staying. "A friend offerd to let me stay the rest of junior year and Ill be 18 and able to rent or buy a place in august"
Well so she had said, Atcualy her and Murphey were liveing in an abandoned house a couple miles out of town. It was a death trap but it was better than nothing and provided some shelter. Christmas was here and it was her second week basicaly homless. No one knew yet. Ethan, and Aidan had abondned the Alpha pack, and some how in result they had become Omega's.
She sighe drubbing her skull as they explained it to her, and showed her that there eyes were indeed gold.
"And you want to join Derek's pack?" she quentioned they both nodded.
"Ill talk to him, but you know you'll have to give up information about your old pack, and they wont treat you very well right off the start it will take alot to earn trust"
The two looked so scared of what to do. "Do you have a place to stay right now?"
They shook there head, she sighed. "Ill talk to Derek tonight, for now Ill show you a place you'll be safe for the night if you swear no one, and I mean no one will no Im staying there" they heistated but agreed with a hand shake.

"You live here?" Aiden asked, or more so demanded, she glared. Ethan shoved him in the ribs.
"As Im sure you and your old pack are well aware my old house had to be sold, me and my dog murphey currently have no way of getting a place to stay until I'm 18. And I get my inhertiance money, as well as most people probably wont sell to me even when I am 18 so, yes to answer my question I live here. And Im working on fixing things up"

They simultamously shrugged and sat down on the rug in one of the areas marked safe with a sticky note.

"This how you got those"

Aiden point to scrath like marks along her legs.
"Trial and error to find out where you will and wont fall through" she stated.
Murphey took the cue to come from his romp in the back woods, and growl at the the two newly deranked werewolves. "Murphey, sit" she commanded the dog hesitated but then sat down and shut up.

"I think its the whole wolf hybrid vs werewolf, he did the same thing to scott and the others for the first 20 minuets. Then he was his big old lovable self."

They simply nodded, "So how did you get the money to try the whole fix up thing"
Ethan asked. The twins noticed some of the floor boreds had been replaced, and they had seen that several tarps had been pinned to the roof on the outside, and floor on the inside. Capture and release mouse traps were place around. And bug killer was sprinkled here and there.

"The final agreemnt when I was imansipated from my uncle was that I was would be given an allowance from my inhertiance fund its about 100 dollars a week for groceries but I mainly just make stuff at Dereks and bring left overs back here"
the twins raised there eyebrows.
"Just how much is this fund"
she smilred sheepishly, "Well, my dad used to run a bike shop franchise with shops along the cost he sold it though for well over 10 million dollars, he only kept the one here and in LA. One belongs to my Uncle the other my uncle sold." she explained they nodded.
"Then my mom had quiet a bit all of which she put in a locked savings account until I was 18, she got it from like my great great grandmother owned like a castle or something i don't really know"

"So your loaded?"
A shrug in responce followed by a, "Yeah I guess, I mean there is a cap on how much I can with drawl its set for yearly monthly and weekly and thats stays until im 25 but it dosent really matter since no one in this town will want to sell or rent to me"

They frowned, "That sucks"
She shrugged, "this place is'nt so bad, its your home to until i can convince Derek to take you two in, speaking of which Ill be back in a couple hours there is soda, and sandwiches in the cooler, Ill bring back more ice for it on my way home"

She left them to feel even guiltier on what they had done to her and the rest of Derek's pack.