Rose had made breakfest and Boyd ended up coming threw the door about 7 in the morning. "Are you hungrey" Boyd shrugged. She smiled "Well to bad your eating it wether you like it or not" she teased gently. A giant stake of breakfast burrito and equally huge stack of Pancakes. He smiled at the site of it. " Issac is going to go nuts, when he see's this" she chuckled and nodded.
"Him, Stiles and Scott all love my burritos so I figured this way the rest of you guy's get to try them, I personaly think there one of the only things Im able to make"
Rose was no top cheif but as usual she off handedly put herself down and underestimated herself.
"How's things at home, I know you have what 4 younger siblings right, and your moms singal, thats got to be kinda tuff"
Boyd looked suprised a mix of being put on the spot and some one paying enough attention to know that.
"Yeah, I make them breakfest and get them ready for school, and everything so it can get overwhelming but there family" she nodded and shrugged as she made him a plate and set it infront of him. She smiled in empathy, "We do anything and everything for family hu?" he nodded. They chatted some, once boyd started talking openly with out probing Rose simply stayed silent and listend. It was a good hour before the others came down. Derek watched the way Rose interected with Boyd now, and he could see it. A bond had been made with him to, another thread tied to her. Derek had to admit he was one of those threads (never aloud though). Perhapse this girl had made her way into his pack with out him even really seeing it.
It was 9 oclock she was getting ready to leave saying "Murphey needs breakfest to ya know" when her cell phone rang.


"Hey Rose"

She smirled softly, "Hey whats up uncle Johnson?"

He seemed unsure.
"I have to sell the house"
And her heart skipped a beat.
"I have someone who is taking over the shop down there but only If I sell him the house as well."
She swallowed her heart back to her chest.
"I kind of figured you would, its OK"
He had begun to become more and more like the uncle she rememberd before he let Alchole consume him.
"Geez Kiddo I really am sorry,Like I havent put you through enough" he sighed defeated.
"Hey, no you stop that, no guilt ridden voices, that was'nt you, greif changes people especily if you miz it with alchole but youv always had a kind hard, it was just being over ridden, but now its comeing back and thats all that matters that your getting better."
she heard a sigh and she imagined him nodding, with a small smile. She was happy he called her kiddo for the first time in a long time.
"Where are you going to stay"
she sighed, no one would rent or sell to her, even if she did'nt have until august for her 18th birthday, her familys bad reputation for being mentaly unstabel would off put anyone. So that was a good question.
"Ill figure something out, Murphey and I will be fine, and Ill see you for easter"
he gave a agreemt sound.
"I manged to buy you a week, well Iv got to go times up" she nodded.
And listend to him hang up.
She sighed pressing her head against the wall. She was glad the wolves had not been listening. She breathed out a breath she had been holding in.
"Ill figure it out"