Dream Log 7/16/13 night of

Pretty sure it began with zombies. There were littered all over town and I eventually ran into this place that i think was safe from them. It was a building filled with lots of people and they were all partying. I also knew most of these people.
Prom was there and he was showing me around, there were so many rooms and they were all very different. Very colorful. They were kind of like rooms you'd see on gaia or club penguin or something. It was all like a kids game and everyone was just hanging out. There was a room that was all yellow with yellow things, pink room, blue room, room that looked like a huge step in closet. It's kinda hard to explain and im tired right now.
So we go into the step in closet like room and prom left into a different room i guess. The closet room was filled with people i knew from school and gaia. Although i think only one of them was from gaia. My mom and my sisters were there, some friends from school and then Melissa was there.
This is when things get tricky. I guess we won some school award or raffle or something because suddenly all these presents get brought in. Some announcer was like "They won all these marvelous gifts like blah blah blah! fancy clothes! Blah blah blah! an ouji board! blah blah blah" So im like Ohshit a ouji board?
We're ********. We have something that could be openning a portal to a different demension and letting in demons. Suddenly my head hurt really bad and felt sick to my stomach and everyone started acting weird.
My friends from school started to attack me, but they acted as if they were just playin around. Melissa was there but im not sure what she was doing exactly. I assume my subconcious saw her as the reason i'd be attacked like as if she secretly planned all of this -shrug- i dun even know.
So then one of my friends apparent found out the name of the demon and was like "We need to chant this." and she said the chant but i totally forgot it. something like Rodrick stop it. or something. Eventually i felt less sick but we kept getting interrupted by evreyone else who was like "Guys shut up you're all crazy theres no demon" then there was something about the demon being attacked to curved things like pasta. I dun even know. My head hurts. my moms making spaghetti for dinner. wish me luck.