Name: Varnnack

Hair Color: Black
Hair length: 3 ft
Hair condition: Silky dark sheen, no split ends.
Hair style: Straightened and free flowing or in a ponytail

Head: Average size for a draconian.
Horns: Three of them each nearly three feet in length placed on the forefront of his head in a crown of sorts dark red as well.
Facial Features: Acute cheek bones sharp and strong, pointed jaw, covered in scales, Three horns protruding from the top of his head in a crown.

Eyes: Crimson irises often related to the pit of a volcano taking on an orange tint in response to his emotions.Subject to change.
Eyebrows: Average in thickness of a black color like his hair.

Ears: Concave overlapped by a fan of spikes on either side of his head.
Hearing: Well above average crucial to his battle capability but to lose it would far from cripple him.

Nose: All but flat, covered by scales
Smell: Well above average to the point he can follow someones bloodline no matter how integrated or watered down.

Mouth: Thin lips with a very wide smile covered in scales. Able to unhinge his jaw opening it up to a maximum of three feet.
Teeth: Sports three sets the first obviously forefront were very large and sharp with little effort could extract dust from diamonds. The second row not visible hugged the first and acted as hooks the tips of which were jagged and latched on to flesh especially when he yanked. The third were visible when he opened his mouth sharper than the first but a little shorter.
Voice: Varnnack's voice at base value was smooth although deep but when he entered a battle it took on an angelic tone. If he tried he could sound like that at all times but he sees no reason why. Though beautiful it holds a deadly power to an unwary foe.

Gender: Male

Age: Undefined

Race: Advanced Draco/Human Hybrid

Body: His unique draconian lineage is extremely dominant apparent in his abnormal size and appearance covered in scale from head to toe with various spike protruding from him.
Scales: This is one of the more advanced features of Varnnack's body. Not visible to the naked eye each normal looking scale was actually made up of minute threads woven into each other which in turn were made up of even smaller scales. These added a increased physical protection while also being infused with dark matter from the heart of a black hole these scales and his body hold its own gravitational pull.
Arms: Nearly three feet in length, spikes jut from his elbows. Scales covering them are a dark red. Arm span of seven feet and three inches from fingertip to fingertip.
Hands: massive crushing hands a normal five fingers to each also covered in scales resembling more claws than fingers each lethal tip capable of pushing through thick walls layered with multiple incredibly durable substances with little effort. Anything less than celestial steel is usually reduced to ribbons. On the backs of his hands sit two green orbs opal in shape.
Torso: Broad shouldered and barrel chested the front of his throat and chest as well as his abdomen are also covered in scales but these instead of a dark red are a dark grey their lies a stronger concentration of dark matter here than on other parts of his body. Also on the left side of his chest sits yet another orb this one with a golden hue.
Wings: Can be used for flight and battle wen folded just take on the shape of more spikes protruding from his back, fully extended he has a wingspan of eight feet. The webbing between again made up of the woven microscopic scales. Spikes extending from joints along the top of the wings.
Tail: Tail unusual in its size and shape is usually wrapped diagonally around his torso twice then hooked onto itself. Stretching up to eight feet in length while around two inches wide. The scales here were of a dark red but also they had a fine coat encrusted with stardust, giving them a partially warped and jagged shape. Extremely strong can carry the power of a two handed swing from him. Quick powerful and nimble his tail was one of his most deadly natural tools.
Legs: Like most beings his legs are more powerful than his arms but not by much. His agility and speed are unrivaled by human or an normal drake. Four feet of his height came from here, Definition of muscle to the point it would be thought to be manufactured but of course is not. Just as with his elbows and forearms spikes shoot up out of his knees and some from his shin. Ath his hips the scales a drak red blending into the dark grey around his thighs and returning to the dark red upon his shins.
Feet: His feet are constantly bare he sees no point anything worn gets shredded from training or just walking around.

Height: 7'3 (Not including horns)

Width: 1'9 (Shoulder to shoulder)

Weight: Subject to change but usually around 340 lbs

General Description: Clad in a large black cloak that hung down to his shins covering most of his draconic features. Though having a hood he was still proud and often didn't wear it his horns ripping holes in it even when he would if worn for to long. Hair natural and flee flowing reflected the image of a river at night with the moon admiring its reflection. A pair of custom made finger less gloves he favored for when just walking around with an opening on the back fit to the shapes of the orbs on the back of his hands. For a measure of decency He sports a pair of usually red or black pants they were odd and uncomfortable but most humans he came into contact with had a hard time controlling their eyes. Bare footed and carrying a double bladed battle ax in his right hand with his katana sheathed on his left hip.

Weapons Description/Abilities:

Sikstai Sulta: A Double bladed battle ax which title in a more common tongue is sun's end, having a fitting name to it's creation. This tool of death was forged from two other blades each a great power in it's own right. The twin suns the Jil Sikstai bathed in a combination of chaotic and celestial energy was baptized in the supernova of a super-giant star. And just as its master was destroyed and re made so were they. Sulta held an explosive power the left blade charged with kinetic energy and imbued with the powers of light, while the right blade was charged with dark energy as well as holding the powers of darkness. This combined with his own abilities allowed for the effective application of this weapon in a vast amount of ways.

The shaft of the weapon was ironbark hollowed out and fortified with the bones of a legendary guardian dragon. A length of five feet in length from butt to tip not including the tips of the blades that stuck out on either side. The shaft had the name of the weapon engraved along it as well. The more deadly portions the blades are actually fused to the center two bands of the metal going through the center is actually melded to the miraculous wood. Regular tempered steel but blessed by one of the ancient dragons and tainted with his life flame, its sharpness and durability surpassed any normal master smiths weapon next to one of celestial inclination. Coming up and out near the top of the staff the blades expanded like elephant ears and come back in to a two pronged tip farther up. In total the weapon was five feet and four inches.

The draconic markings along the blade were mainly for two things the ability to channel his power through the weapon with no resistance or trouble and it wouldn't completely be destroyed as he wielded it no mater how strong he became. It was far from indestructible but in its ages it has spent by his side the two are bonded. Reacting to his touch and will fortifying itself. Another thing the blades and the power within each could be swapped at will by Varnnack something he liked to call Loki's Gambit.

Dual Sul:
Sikstai Sulta having used to be two weapons holds the power to be split into two. One of light and celestial energy and one of dark and chaotic energy These aren't as potent as when combined still pack a hell of a punch. He can wield both of these simultaneously but they are not meant for him to.

The ironbark the staff is composed of is special do to its incredibly high heat resistance and actually having a melting point the only wood able to be smelted into other forms. Heating this up Varnnack can melt the staff turning it into a whip with the battle axe head at the end. his bond with the weapon allows him to control it..



The Essence of Taurus

∞Passive Abilities∞

Ω The ring is driven and empowered by the willpower and determination to accomplish whatever challenge the bearer is faced with.

Ω The ring bestows incredible mass-to-force amplification allowing for something like a normal mid-sized human male to easily push and lift an object or obstacle that is roughly 20x the mass and weight of that mid-sized human.

Ω The ring strengthens the muscles and bones of the bearer's body to give a much stronger physical resistance to things such as physical impacts, heat, cold, stretching, crushing, and stabbing.

Ω The bearer is able to run and jump 5x higher, faster, and longer than normal.
The bearer is also given increased resistance to pain, or a higher threshold for pain.

Ω The bearer's strikes with their weapon are made stronger, faster, and able to cut through diamond if the weapon is sharp enough to make the cut and the bearer's strength being the determining factor.

Ω Exhaustion and weariness are quickly recovered from and energy flows abundantly through the bearer allowing for constant physical exertion for very long periods of time.

∞Activation Based Abilities∞

Ω Stage 1: The Will of Taurus ≡ Celestial energy is sent coursing through the bearer, accelerating reaction time, increasing strength 10 fold, movement capabilities are increased 5 fold, endurance is extended and increased by 3x.

Ω Stage 1: Bull Rush ≡ Every strike or swing from the bearer carries the strength of a celestial great bull causing even great towers and mountains to crumble to dust.

Ω Stage 2: Roar of the Beast ≡ Pulls a concentration of the divine energy into the bearer's body, collecting at the core of the throat and building up within the bearer causing their energy level to spike rapidly. The sudden increase in the energy creates a barrier around the body, the barrier causes the pressure around the bearer to increase drastically. Upon the breaking point being reached, the divine energy is released via a cry from the bearer which causes the energy to then rush through the body and the barrier then shatters creating an explosion to erupt from around the bearer outwards which would cause incredible damage to anything of mass standing too close.

Ω Stage 2: Temper of Taurus ≡ The aura of a divine bull forms around the bearer, the emotions or thoughts of rage and anger giving fuel to the aura as it then is used to act as a larger entity aside from the bearer themselves. The aura bull can be used as a weapon in the essence of a body shield and battering ram. The bull can also be launched at a target which would cause the ability to be expended and the bull would vanish after 3 turns regardless.

Ω Stage 2: Terra Crusher ≡ The ring sends forth a call of divine energy into the air and into space, a massive chunk of space rock is then pulled towards the target location at incredible speeds, upon entering the atmosphere the ground under the impact target zone begins to cavitate and fold downwards creating a crater of pressurized space. When the rock gets within 100 feet of the crater, it begins to slow down and the space between the rock and the ground becomes super-heated by the air being moved so rapidly. When the rock reaches 30 feet from the impact point, the ground then reacts to the rock breaking past the point of pressure and enters into a reverse stage momentarily which causes it to fold back upwards and the rock collides with the ground and "detonates" releasing the super-heated space outwards along with shrapnel of rock bits and goodies.

Ω Stage 3: Horns of Taurus = A concentration of celestial energy gathers within the very bones of Varnnack further fortifying his nigh indestructible base. this allows for withstanding insane amounts of pressure, as well as further prevention of fractures or breaks when his body's limits are pushed. His horns being affected the most would be made a little harder than the rest and gain the ability to extend or shrink them at will.

Ω Stage 3: Alter of Power ≡ Summons the Divine Archaic symbol for power, this symbol can be displayed or "placed" either on the ground or mid-air even on a wall. This symbol grants the summoner drastically increased physical power and speed more so the longer they stay within the symbol it last for only three turns the effects wearing off as well but after five. The symbol having a double side can be used as a trap also anyone the summoner deems an enemy or opponent will take a drastic drop in strength and speed sapping them away the longer one remains in the symbol effects lasting five turns as well.

Ω Stage 3: Call of the Wild ≡ Sends out a shock wave imbued with divine energy above, behind, in front and to either side of Varnnack. Any sentient being hit with this starts to subside into a state of madness. adhering only to his whim. The madness includes hallucinations and loss of perception and muffled hearing. Bugs, insects, to wolves bears and even humans all fall prey to it. Multiple hits from this would delve the mind even further into madness weaker minds breaking and leaving some as a vegetable. Varnnack can free any of the beings caught in the shock wave by passing his energy through them clearing out their mind but they are left with amnesia of everything that happened after being hit with the shock wave.

Ω Stage 4: Endeavor ≡ ╠Tσ═bε═µnlσckεd═by═ Varnnack╣

Ω Stage 4: Celestial Rage ≡ ╠Tσ═bε═µnlσckεd═by═ Varnnack╣

Ω Stage 5: Fury of the Bull ≡ ╠Tσ═bε═µnlσckεd═by═Varnnack╣

Ω Stage 6: Taurus Nova Symphonica ≡╠Tσ═bε═µnlσckεd═by═Varnnack╣

Ω Stage 7: Taurus Eternus, Brahma Majoris ≡ ╠Tσ═bε═µnlσckεd═by═ Varnnack╣