Since I've lost my artists and partners to that old b*****d Time, I have returned to my roots of writing - the art of the thought-provoking narrative of love, life, and death touched by just a little bit of the supernatural. With a little hope, I might find some persons who take an interest in it, or may be lucky enough to find a new fan. The piece is question is called "Musings of a Dead Writer" and it is in no way autobiographical. In fact, the work concerns the lives of an unnamed male novelist, his socialite wife, and the love of his life, a mysterious girl named Tessa. It is a first person narrative with a penchant for flowery and purple prose, but is also simultaneously supposed to be able to be easily picked up by anyone with a heart.

If you are reading this journal (aren't you are a curious one?), please feel free to seek out the piece <Here>

Of course, I am still in pursuit of other forms of inspiration, so please feel free to share with me your stories. I do so love a warm conversation.