I've decided that if I'm going to find a girlfriend, I'm going to want someone foreign.. As stated in my last journal entry, American ******** is so fake, so built around the media that you're rarely ever going to find a genuine person. I think my friend Ryan explained it best: people have this "defense mechanism" of sorts that hides their true consciousness from everyone around them. As Americans, we're so worried about what everyone thinks about us, that we end up not really getting to know what each of us really wants to be like deep down. People are trained to conform and be as similar as possible to each other.

The reason why I love the Beatles so much is because they never conformed. They were innovators, they tried new ideas that nobody else was willing to try. That's what I want to be.

Getting back to the original discussion though, the reason why I want to date a foreign girl is because people outside this country have a much different perspective in life. Sure, they conform in their own society, but their society has much more meaningful values than ours does.

So because of this, I feel that a foreign girl will be much more genuine and reveal more of her true consciousness than a girl originally from the United States.

I also want to go about saying that this way of thinking is not just based on assumptions; it's based on personal experiences of mine that I've met with. Every day as I look around, the American culture is so blatantly obvious. People are really rude, offensive, uncaring, and ignorant. The other thing is, people in the US are very similar to each other. They all talk the same way, make the same kind of jokes, behave the same way, and a lot of what they do or say is really nonsensical.

As I interact with people outside the US though, I find that they are just so much more genuine and engaging. It's even obvious here on Gaia. For the most part, I'm likely to have a much more meaningful conversation with people whom are from outside the United States.

Now, thankfully, not everyone in the US is like that. There are definitely people in the United States that are more open-minded. Everyone is different, so there IS a chance I could meet someone here that has the same values as someone who's foreign. It's just very unlikely, because everyone wants to stay in the safe zone of society. Lol.

Correct me if I'm wrong about anything, but these are my thoughts about people, and why a foreign girl would likely best suit me.