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Dawn Shadowblades journal mostly my rp character rough drafts.

Dawn Shadowblade
Community Member
rp character just in case i use it again.

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Human form main
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Human form 2
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Spirit form
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True form

-No one knows death...

...Like I do-

Dawn Shade (not actual name but what he goes by now, his last name is his sisters married last name)
Son of the blood moon
Undead spirit
¤Sexual Orientation:
He is shy until he gets to know you, and is extremely protective of his friends.
Being born on a harvest moon he was given signature purple eyes that marked him as different. On the day of his sixteenth birthday he was kidnaped and put up for a ransom. The debt was not paid and a video of his murder was released, his parents watched in horror as his body was then burned at the stake. He didn’t stay dead. He was brought back as a new creature and no longer human… obviously. He had special abilities. When he tried to reconnect with his family, they, with closed-minded views, aside from his older sister, shunned him away. This left a deep resentment of humans besides his twenty-five year old sister. He lived on the street for a month when one night a strange buss from Japan stopped on the side of the road and opened the doors. He entered the bus and the driver nodded almost imperceptibly to him, which he returned and sat down. The bus lurched away and entered a subway tunnel that was unnervingly dark. The driver said, “Ready yourself kid.” And that was the only thing said before the bus stopped next to a scarecrow that had a backdrop of a blood red ocean. He then departed the bus with a nod and set out for his destiny.
Tuning fork longsword that breaks into two swords with its scabbard strapped across his middle back (emits a sonic wave)
Blinding speed, Transparency (think halo’s active camo), Aura manipulation (Think Green lantern), Spirit form, Intangibility, Soul vision (allows him to see souls and the monster within), Ghost whisper, Aura of sorrow, Curse, Cloaking, Soul puppet.
¤ Acceptance
¤ Learning what it means to be a monster
¤ Discovering his abilities
¤ Friends
¤ Being a monster
¤ Humans minus his sister
¤ The rule about monster identity
¤ Bullies
¤ Coexisting with humans
¤ Idiots
Being alienated
Soul affecting attacks
¤Theme Songs:
~Human form-Human Stain/ Soul Society
~Spirit form-Across the Highlands/ Radioactive
~True form-Through the fire and Flames/ Fall From Grace
Will not say his real name, eyes glow purple, cries blood, sisters name is Adilind Shade, in true form his hair turns white, his sisters husband is a werewolf and she knows, his sister as a dauter of ten also awerewolf. during any time parants ar alowed to come tothe school his sisters family comes(even though his sis is human), Has a hard time hiding what he finds out about people that he has 'read ' their soul and sometimes slips that he knows what others are.

Dawns expansion

Basic physical apearance-
He has purple eyes that emit a dull glow that brightens when he uses his powers. He has black hair that fades to white in his true form. His skin has an almost corpsy look to it. he cant completely controle his powers they might be realy strong or weak or normal. He has a smell of death and sorrow.he has an eary look of knowing steming from his soul vision that alows him to know what type of monster others are and surface emotins.
Basic personalyty traits expanded-
He will seem withdrawn and alone with straingers. He will do any thing to back his friends (hes not much limited becaus he cant die again). He seems to always be depressed.

power explanations-
Blinding speed: he has the speed of death (faster than light, lightning, bullets, ect...).
Intangiility: gives him the ability to faze seemlessly through anything.
Ghost wisper: alows him to be heard , opsonaly- from a
evey where in an area, by one person, echoy, altered volume(can be any combo ov these).
Aura of sarrow: he emits a aura that, optionaly- slows down apponents, depresses apponents, drains life from apponents.
Curse: he curses any creaature with, optonaly- bad luck, saddnes(of varrining degees),varyouse insanities, death.
Cloaking, he hides himself or a group of varrying sises in dark energy.
Soul pupet: he controles others and it doesnt always work right.

Dawns Expantion 2

Power explanations
In Dawns true form only, he has the ability called "Soul Rend." This ability alows him to remove a persons soul.

I forgot to put that in he damages himself while atempting this ability. the life force he loses transfers to the abilities target. While the soul is absent the body continues the task it was doing prior to activation. Doing so as if the body feels no pain. when the subject soul is reunited with the body it heals the body to the state it had been in prior to activation. Dawn cannot harm the soul, only bolster it, temporarily removing the weaknesses of the targets creature type (about 5 minuts). sorry about not fully alaborating i was on a time crunch. it would have been in the first expansion but i ran out of time there too.

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