I am sitting home, on this Sunday afternoon, watching an old episode of Paula's Home Cooking: Beach Party. yum_puddi

I don't normally watch cooking channels because I get bored, but I want to become a better cook.

I chose Paula's Home Cooking because I have used two of her recipe's that I found online. One was a chocolate chip cookie recipe that came out so good and the other was a carrot cake recipe. Based on these two recipe's I highly enjoyed what I ate and decided to look for her show or find a cooking show I wouldn't mind watching. On Hulu.com there are only two episodes but the beach party one was not bad. I didn't pay as much attention I would another show but I did manage to force myself to watch it a little bit.

I did like seeing the equipment she was using along with little tricks that I managed to notice, like placing a blanket or cover on the electronic mixer to not let the powder sugar fly out. I didn't pay much attention to the main meal but I enjoyed the pie, tart thing she made. Especially the pan she used to easily pull out the crust. It certainly looked tasty and I wanted to try it.

- Dita yum_puddi