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a bunch of bullshit written by a bullshit teenager with a bullshit hobby. tho it's not like I update that often
White Witch (1/?)
Aran kicks the gate when she storms out of the castle, making a point to stomp past Prince and Bent. They watch her leave, Bent forgetting for a moment that Prince has his grimy hands on white robes and Prince forgetting what he was mad about.

It's only a second before Bent slaps Prince's hands away in favor of watching Aran leave through the window, wondering where on earth the girl is going with a book and a satchel. She marches on the hidden path of soft, wet -- but solid -- ground, flipping pages as loudly as she can.

"The hell? What did we do this time?" Prince mutters, wiping the hand Bent touched like it's coated in grime. He turns toward the door with all intent of grabbing Aran back.

"She probably realized how much of a nuisance you were and decided to leave." Bent suggests from behind Prince, making the demon pause to give him a dirty look.

"Your jokes are shitty." Prince comments, sliding on his jacket. It's a grand thing, only helping the royal charade that Prince insists on keeping up on. Bent snorts quietly, taking the seat next to the window. Prince leaves without another word being exchanged.


It doesn't take long for Prince to catch up with Aran; she hasn't gotten too far when he falls into place next to her, shoving his hands in his pockets. Aran swings her head up with hopefulness in her eyes but it soon dims into a mildly disappointed expression.

"Oh." She comments mildly, returning back to flipping pages in her book. "It's just you, Prince."

Prince's eyebrow twitches, and he bites the inside of his cheek for a moment before his expression melts away into something more nonchalant. "So what, you ain't pissed? Here I thought you were mad at us or somethin'. Well, if thats all, I guess I'll just take my leave--"

As soon as he turns around Aran has her hand curled up in his sleeve, a little pout on her face. "No wait! You're not supposed to leave! I was just kidding, Prince!" Her blue eyes have widened in panic, and the sight of the little girl in disarray makes Prince smirk a bit as he turns back to her.

"Alright, alright." Prince replies, voice laced with obvious satisfaction. The demon doesn't shake Aran off when she walks closer to him, her hand furled more comfortably into his sleeve. "So if ya aint mad at us, why the he--ck are ya stompin' around outside?"

Aran grins, her eyes crinkling as chubby cheeks pushes them up. It's incredibly obvious that she was hoping the older would ask that, and she motions proudly to the book tucked carefully in her arm. "Kay sooooo I found this book in my room really mysteriously, right right?! So -- um, don't tell Bent this -- I skipped nap time yesterday to read it all, and you wouldn't believe it, Prince! It was this really cool story about a suuuuper cool and pretty demon girl and in the end of the story she moves into a swamp and and you wouldn't believe what I--"

Prince swoops down his free hand down to nonchalantly cover Aran's mouth, effectively stopping the words pouring out of the small girl's mouth. He stares down at her for a few moments, letting her words sink in before he removes his hand. Aran continues on without missing a beat.

"--found in the back! A map!!! An' it has our house an' it has Basil's house and it has this path y'see-" Aran pauses to let go of Prince's hand in favor of opening the back of the storybook, the last page revealing an incredible map. "I wonder what kinda trap we'll be walking into?!"

Prince raises an eyebrow at her, giving her a slightly incredelous look. "Ey if you know this s**t is dangerous and obviously probably an attempt to kill ya why the hell are ya goin?" He questions, placing his now-free hand on top of Aran's hair to ruffle her hair aggressively. The small girl cries out and bats at his hand for a moment, giving a little huff of indignation as she pats her hair back into place before smiling brightly.

"Because it's fun!" She replies simply, reaching up to slip her small hand in Prince's much larger one. The demon gives her a rather dry look even as she turns sparkling blue eyes up to him, batting her eyelashes just slightly. "Besides, with Prince by my side I won't have to worry about anything attacking me! Since you are the strongest thing in the swamp, right?"

Aran's blue eyes are hypnotizing, and Prince falls only too well. There is nothing he is more susceptible to then his own ego, after all. "Hah! 'Course not! There ain't anything to worry about, I am a prince after all!"


It takes an hour longer then expected, but when her orb begins to shake Cella happily pops up from her nap. "Oh, goody!" She smiles to herself, waving a hand to muffle a yawn as she flutters heavy lidded eyes. With a flip of magnificently curly white hair Cella places herself in front of her pot, checking her appearance in the reflection of the potion brewing.

"Beautiful as always, darling." The female cooes, blowing a kiss at herself before she turns. The door knocks just on time, and Cella sings a "Coming~" as she walks around, not particularly doing anything. She's more curious on the voices outside, after all.

"I cant believe this took us an hour." A male voice grumbles from outside, gruff tone overlaying a rather boyish voice. There is a childish giggle as a high female voice replies, obviously one of a child.

Not bothering to wait any longer Cella swings her door open, eyes beaming and bowed lips curved into a bright smile. The female practically shines pheremones and she knows it. Cella takes a moment to pause and examine the two at the doorway.

"Average, though handsome with your facade. Boooring~" Cella hums, giving the male demon a onceover with a rather sweet smile. His open mouth snaps shut and his eyes flare up even as the woman turns to the little girl.

"N'aw, you're still a kid so you're super cute~ But I'm only hungry for beautiful things, soooorry~" Despite Cella's words the little girl doesn't even bat an eyelash, nor look terrified. In fact, it almost seems like she was expecting it. Cella can't help but feel mildly taken aback and a bit disappointed. What's the fun in scaring humans if they're not going to react?

"Who're you?" The girl asks, eyes bright with expectation. Cella gives a bright grin, flipping thick white hair across her shoulders as she spreads out her arms. "Why darling dearest, I'm the White Witch!" As long fingers flick elegantly sparks fly out, enhancing her own appeal to the small girl. The tiny thing gives a gasp of awe.

The male demon just points a finger at his own mouth.

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