Well. . . Let Sai Ookami tell you bout her mother. Her mother must have been nice at one time, like all mothers. But something must have happened to make her hate life, to make Mother abandon her kids. Did Sai Ookami love her Momma? Of course. She loved her with all her heart, all her being. . . everything she was, she was for her momma. Sai Ookami's momma tried to write bad checks, she tried to steal, she cheated on Sai Ookami's father, lied about him. Momma cast black magicks and almost hurt her own children. Sai Ookami is of Pagan beliefs, but chooses to follow the Christian path. Mother dabbled in darkness and came close to hurting her kids. When Sai Ookami turned 13, her momma lashed out at her, said she could barely feed herself, could barely afford too. At the time she had Sadie, her dog, and Sai Ookami's uncle living with her. Momma said she wanted to kill herself because Sai Ookami didnt believe her lies anymore. Next day, Grandmother told Sai Ookami what she knew, and it hurt how deceived Grandmother was. When Sai Ookami turned 15, Momma told her no one would need her. So since then Sai Ookami has been searching for someone to need her, someone to love her. It will be a long time before Sai Ookami finds it, but that doesnt mean I'm going to give up.