Head hurts as if im tired, but can't sleep. Don't feel like sleeping. Getting emotional again, hope it doesn't result in a panic attack.
f*ck hormones, all the hormones.

What dooo. Just read about star children, turns out myself or other people are.. well actually it makes complete sense if you say it right. As time goes by more and more people evolve. I think our brains are evolving the most, obviously. Its pretty much the most powerful thing about us and it only makes sense its getting stronger.
So star children are pretty much the next step. Hurp. They are more sencitive and are usually all about peace and love and helping the world grow n all that. So i may be a star kid, whatever. I wish i weren't this sencitive though. Whether it be just my hormones, maybe i have an illness, or if im just a star kid this sencitivity is just so.. bleh. Sure i may be connected to the world stronger than most, may even be able to tell the future now and again, but it doesn't necessarily help me with my issues.
I get panic attacks, i cry easily, i cant handle stressful atmospheres and just freak out rather easily. -sigh- Also with my "CURRENT SITUATION" -ahem- it sure as hell isnt helping anything.
I'll try to deny this situation as long as i can but..egh. i hate being honest with myself sometimes -headdesk- But i guess its necessary in fixing the problem. I just need more self control, get my mind out of these ideas and remember whats really important. Feels like im just making myself miserable. Why? Why is this happening? I don't know. forbidden fruit i suppose. EUGH -headdesk- I need an injection of logic. I know what i want, if i look at what is important and remind myself what i truly want, i surely wont stray. I suppose it's just recent events getting to me again so i latch onto anything that might make me feel better, but i know that in doing that i could make things So much worse.

f*ck my dog keeps making gross licking noises while my dad keeps coughing, everything is just so very loud and annoying right now i feel like crying. My head hurts... What the hell brain. y u no make logical sense. Bleh.