It's day 2 of Ikasucon, and there were far fewer surprises today.

Best hotel ever:
Well my sister has broken the air conditioner....well more than it already was broken. The button for the down arrow is now busted so....the room is set at 70 or higher forever, and no, it doesn't actually get down to 70. Also, apparently they like to do maintainance on Saturday mornings. We were told it would take 5 minutes and that they would just be switching out the faceplate on the light switches. Turns out, they had to completely change the switches from the traditional up-down switch to a fancy button system so the 5 minutes turned into 20 minutes of wiring with the lights off and goodness knows what. We did manage to get coffee, bagels, and apple juice from the continental breakfast.

Time to give up on cosplay:
So we went to the cosplay contest today, and as with other cons, the winners were enough to make you want to quit cosplay forever. Top prizes went to an amazing soul calibur setsuka who hand painted her fancy kimono thing and had a sharpie tattoo, a silent hill nurse with a dress made completely of liquid latex, and a girl from final fantasy 9 who decided that cosplay would be their first sewing project ever. Other condenders included a completely armored Samus, iron man, loki, thor, hungary, lolita from code lyoko, and many more.

Smelly DDR:
Today, the ddr got set up in the game room which was great, only it smelled like someone pooped under the matts and then sprayed instant BO all over the place. It was terrible.

OK Taco Bell...:
So we decided to go to taco bell for dinner tonight, but when we pulled up to the drive through and told them we had 3 separate orders, we were notified that we would have to make 2 orders and then pull back around to make another. When we did get the food, we found that one of the hard shell tacos was simply a shell with a couple chunks of meat and a piece of cheese. Even for taco bell, it was skimpy.

In other ball is still dangerous....:
So in the first journal, I mentioned that we got to play dodge ball. It sounded like a good idea because besides a couple wierdos, most of the participants failed gym. It was fun until one of my party took some candy to the chin and arm. He still has marks. Who knew?