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XXXX Where: MIDWAY CITY No-Man's Land
XXXXXX What: Getting familiar with his surroundings.
XXXXXXXX Who: Nobody yet.

                                                      Speed. Wind rushing past his ears, silent otherwise. Only the clothing ripling across his body reminded him he was in motion, thought not a muscle on his body made a move. The act of flight was one of the most natural of of his abilities since the first day he mustered the skill to lift himself from the ground. The feeling was exhilerating, unlike anything he'd ever encountered in all his years. There was nothing simpler, than the thrill of flight. And yet, this man had done it every day of his life since he was eight. Some things just never loose their luster.

                                                      The cool night, country air slid passed his streamlined body as it sliced through like a blade. The peace of the setting almost lured Clifton into staying a bit longer to enjoy it fully, but there was a reason he'd taken this outing, this trip. You see, Metropolis was at least a four hour flight away from Midway City... If you traveled by airline. If you were the Man of steel, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, it was much closer to two hours, depending on just how motivated you were. As Clifton considered this thought, he asked himself the same question. Of course, after being contacted by one of the senior-most members of the Force-to-be-reckoned-with-in-progress, LOSER, Clifton felt as if it were his duty to accept their request to join their ranks. But just what was the point? Surely Superman wasn't recruited simply to fill the void left by the fallen members who fought under LOSER's tainted banner. It was his reputation! His skills! His power that had won their attention. Right?

                                                      Perishing the thought, Clifton applied his mind to more practical purposes. At the rate he was traveling he would reach his destination quite a bit early for his meeting with Thermo, but feeling almost childish in a way, Clifton wanted to see Midway City up close. Pictures didnt do the mega-city justice after all. He wanted to see the night skyline, hear the cries of pedestrians. He might even be so lucky as to thwart some evildoer's plots to cause trouble his first night in town. Surely even Midway City had to know about Superman. But in case they didn't, he would make it a point to introduce himself.

                                                      Clifton made a conscious effort to increase his speed as soon as he could see the flicker of lights ahead, Midway City. He'd finally arrived after what felt like forever in the sky alone. Still it saved him the trouble of dealing with crowds in an airport or two. Clifton put on the breaks just in time to find himself come to a halt just over No-Man's Land. He had to admit, as he glanced over the ram-shackled apartment buildings and impoverished and crime ridden streets of this half of Midway, he felt as if he'd bit off a bit more than he could chew... then he reminded himself of his own identity. He was THE Superman; Bulletproof, Super-Fast, Super Strong, and hero to millions back home and across the globe. Surely with his help, even this city could find Salvation.

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