Well. . . Lets start at the beginning. I was born the second child To my father, and mother, who abandoned me and my younger,and older brothers later. I grew up practically worshiping my mother, I loved her with all my being, with everything i was. I lied for her, I manipulated for her, everything i did, i did for her. When i turned 13, at Christmas, i found out she abandoned me. and my brothers. I hated her, all i wanted was to hurt her for what she did to us, I wanted to make her suffer. In middle school, i got bullied, i had someone say they hate me b/c of my Mexican blood, others who just did not like me. In 8th grade, all i thought of was suicide. I found no point in living. I met someone, who loved me. She is my twin, she helped me find out who i am today. and I am thankful for that. I am a White Wolf. I am guided by my religion, beliefs and my spirit animals, Kiba, who is my White Wolf, and Airfalarin, who is a barn owl. And the others who have yet to reveal themselves to me. I believe in loyalty, strength, and Always striving to Persevere. I believe in kindness, and i dont believe violence is the answer for anything.