i cant complain i knew from the start id lose my heart but i gave ift for someone who needed it took from me what was needed sewed it to what once was gone now revived with the ability to go forth given onyl ewhat it asked for and then all that much more not a hint of greed always appreaciated every effort known and claimed every action cared about and craved in the end this man was asacrifice he knew he woul;d be but denied it becuase he fell in love with the one he was saving an idiot would know he was hopelessly inadiquite and would be unable to sustain her happiness and her composuruire because she was so much better then he and that he couldnt be the onlty one in her life to make the pain fade so in the end he failed not only her but himself and that is what hurt most because his only goal was to make her happy. they say scream and i do so lost and angry crying trying to breathe as the pressure grows heavier he doesnt give up he just remebers thjat hes never made things right and simply begs for worse he will take every ounce of pain it takes to fix this but in the end it is nhe who will need fixing. broken man a tool or a plan the map that you follow or the paper you burn do you trust his information and step forward towards the quest of greatness or do you shoot the messanger and turn your back oon the possibilities