So, I decided I'm going to write a story, and maybe even finish this one. But instead of writing it on paper, I'll write it online and you guys can tell me if it's ok and tell me what needs improvement. I may even add your ideas to my story.
Anywho, the first story is pretty good I guess. I mean I don't have many ideas on it yet because I lost inspiration and got too lazy to even start on it. Here's the summary, I wrote it down on paper.
Lilac was like any other ordinary girl you'd see on the streets, with her bright, sparkling grey eyes and her cutesy band of freckles across her nose. Her beautifully smooth skin seemed to glow in the sun even. And of course, with her dark red curls, people seemed to like her, making her averagely popular. But of course, someone like herself has a dark secret. Her eyes gave her the ability to see things you'd never want to see. Even so, Lilac wants to learn and understand these creatures. Maybe she could figure out what they wanted, even help them. She keeps her talent a secret, and records these creatures privately. But, what if these creatures did not want her help? What if they didn't want to be disturbed? And what if Lilac's brother, Daren knew of these monsters? What if Daren had a secret that involved the monsters themselves? Read this story and find out more~

Yeah so that's the summary I wrote down. I thought it was ok. What do you guys think?