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Meditative analysis of the Fallibility of Humanity, Act: III
Where I reinforce my apparent apathy with irreverent, unexplained sarcasm, a maze of near-unintelligible adverbs and adjectives, and a plethora of irrelevance, animosity, and complete disregard for any readers' sanity, self-esteem, or will to live.
Bully for a rocket
It’s occurred to me, that what my aunts have done to my mother, is like the way modern Christians treat faith.
I refer to the “devout” with which I have far too much expertise. Half-assed borderline atheists who only turn around when sh*t happens and they WANT, well, cliché. Ignorance, callousness, etc.…benefits of a jaded society. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t hit them in the head with a shovel…

But even the self-proclaimed religious: go to church, do good work, pray for people and the world…weelll, those things ultimately only giving back to themselves.

I ain’t judgin’ nothin’, I just am a jaded catholic-ist who really REALLY hates stupid. emotion_awesome
Not that this implies stupidity…not on a normal level of thinking anyway…..crap. Nevermind, lol.

What faith gives or grants human beings, or the Holy Spirit or whatever it is you got, well, it’s only fair to return in like kind, eh?
The mis- mistake being the manner in which this is returned. Giving to one another, honoring God’s love for peoples or just plain advocating human virtue and good things that are happen….well all that does is good for humanity.
And giving to other people who give to other people living on a spherical planet is ultimately self-servi-…you get the point.
“Jaded,” mind you. stare
What people don’t do…well sure, you pray and think virtuously and then take responsibility and all that ‘Christianity is a good boy’ kinda dogma. They don’t return in like via spirit.
You live and walk in faith not just by going out into the world and doing sh*t, but by honoring and respecting that faith in spirit, with love and gratitude and basically just overall acknowledgement if you can pull off that much.

See, my aunties only halfway roll with this. They say it, whatever the reason, but they don’t believe in it. Sure, you can believe that faith is capable of makin’ sh*t happen, but that don’t mean you appreciate it…or for that matter give a bloody flying f*ck.

As to how this relates to my mudda has more to do with psychology than my effed up thinking ought to treat neuroscience without kidnapping a mad scientist for my own diabolical purposes.

Basically, they can’t treat the woman who raised them in place of an alcoholic OCD ADHD neurotically depressed mother who is now exhibiting signs of dementia, and stood guard on whatever that family consisted of at the word of a loving, gentle, but workaholic father (again, racism can shovel waste, seriously) like some divine order to go out and treat people nice and do good things and be successful, rich, hypocrites who are too horrified and disgusted at their mother to notice the fact that IT AIN’T HER THAT DID THEM MUCH GOOD.
You’d say I’m biased, but it’s time and first-hand experience and medication and a good catholic up-bringing with an age-group southern and stupid enough to not see, and consecutively not care that beneath my genteel and silent exterior I’m as mean and crazy as a squirrel with a fire-cracker up its arse.
No really, they were very sweet, kind, and impossibly frustrating people. KMN. D:
It’s all that which has made me realize why I kinda hate my aunts.
Oh and don’t even get me started on me dad’s mum. It ain’t just the squirrel rocket she’s got up HER arse, 9/10 dads agree.
He can be a bit…confused at times. lol
I guess when your momma’s a complete whore your self-identity can get a bit displaced without interference by a third party.

Write it up on things I hate: RATIONALIZATIONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. That is all, thank you. whee

Rinn Lothron
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