Alright. I'm "back" if you'd call it that.
First off, what happened yesterday will NOT be discussed. If you are nasty to one another I will NOT tolerate it. If you try to force someone else to do something they don't want I will NOT tolerate it. If you deliberately pester someone I will NOT tolerate it. If you lip off about someone else it will NOT be tolerated. Gaia is my happy place, the place I go to feel better about how shitty of a life I have. I don't have a "real life." This is all I have. Respect that and don't make it hell for me.
Second off, I do not hold any notable bias on yesterday's issue. I remain neutral. If someone tries to push their view on what happened yesterday in my face I will hurt them.

Third off. I feel like s**t right now. There's custody s**t going on including internet, electronics, vehicles and MY DOG. I am in a bad mood and I expect myself to rip people apart for upsetting me. To put it bluntly, my dad is a man-whore. I have been dealing with on and off suicidal thoughts for the past two days due to my entire life being turned upside down. my mom is going to move to Saskatchewan. (Girly, you're going to be happy about me moving closer but don't you ******** dare celebrate or I'll beat you) this means that I won't be able to become roommates with Matt in Victoria unless we can somehow get our own place by the end of the summer. I don't want this. It will move me closer to my mother's religious family and put me in a new neighborhood. That is a big deal to move like that but to someone like me it will cost me weeks of sleep and I will likely mentally fall apart. Everything will be foreign and new to me causing stress agitation and sickness. The heat for one, will be enough to kill me if i stay outside for too long. This is not a dramatization. It is fact. I can die of overexposure in August in Saskatchewan.

A final word: You guys are all I have. Each of you means a great deal to me, this is stronger when we are together, united. If my dad gets my dog and I have to move you will literally be the only things in my life that I can depend on. (Want to know what's expensive? Shipping 5k worth of vintage 80s toys from BC to SK. That's what.) Not only that but I've been living in BC all my life. I will not be able to adjust to a new place of living. That is just how I work. This ******** up of my b*****d father has thrown my life into chaos. My surgery, therapy, counseling and every other ******** thing is now ruined.
You all need to stay together in the family that helped me realize just how special life is. It's all I have and it's my most treasured possession.