Well day 1 of 3 at Ikasucon and there is sooooo much to report.

First, I have to share how....special this hotel is. So, I figured out the dates I had were wrong so the hotel was booked based almost soley on price and location. There are a few good things about the hotel. It's got a great bathroom in comparison to the rest of the hotel. There is a mini fridge and an iron which is going to be surprisingly useful. There are a couple bad things that we discovered almost right away. When we got into the room, we found it was pretty small and really hot. The stick used to open and close the curtains was laying on the window sill and when we started unpacking, the air conditioner decided it was a good time to dissemble itself. There is no alarm clock or bible, which is weird. There are 2 outlets we have found and apparently the carpet floor is sticky, but you can only feel it with bare feet so I'm good.Our tv gets 30 whole channels and there's a mirror that deserves it's own section.

Mirror, mirror, oh God why: This thing hangs in the middle of the main wall of the room where you have to look at it. It's designed for some terrible reason to make you look horribly fat. Anyone looking into the mirror and standing more than a few feet away will suddenly have too much booty in the pants, and the farther back you get, the bigger you get. We thought about covering it, but we were afraid it might fall off the wall and break...in order to fit in with the air conditioner.

Regarding prostitutes: Turns out, this hotel is frequented by drag queen prostitutes wearing pearls so at least they are classy. The pimp hit on my sister and I in the lobby and made me feel super awkward. Then, apparently he followed us and overheard me talking about the experience and had to tell my sister that he wasn't trying to be scary.

Day 1 at the con: Well, the hotel just keeps getting better, but the con was cool. We got our badges with little trouble and we saw some cool costumes. We played some zombie flux, some guillotine, some uno, and surprisingly, some dodge ball. We entered into a cosplay contest that we didn't know about before hand. In this contest, you must make a costume with the assigned theme/style and you have an hour friday, and and hour saturday, and you can take your project home with you to work on at night. Trouble is, we were totally unprepared. They said it was all about innovation and thinking outside the box so we did. They did provide us with some fabric, but we had no tools so we decided to make stuff up. For chalk, we used facial soap provided by the hotel. We managed to get some safety scissors from the front desk for the 20 min that the lady was there, and used nail clippers to score fabric to rip. Our plan is to super glue the fabric together as we have no needle and thread and can't get to our bones and sinew. If we don't win for style, we have to get something for innovation.

Well that's that for now. I'm sure I'll have more to post about tomorrow. For now, we are off to the ihop that is conveniently located across the street. I'll try to put up pictures of our costume progress. Wish us luck. Lots of it.