A Very Good Day blaugh

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No deep thoughts for this Journal entry. Just felt like sharing a very good day. blaugh
When I got home from work yesterday evening, I was greeted by two "failed delivery" notices from Canada Post, which, on the surface at least, might not immediately strike one as the harbinger of good things to come, but when you're expecting purchases you've been waiting weeks for, it most definitely is.
Sure enough, when I went to the Post Office today, I was presented with two nice, big boxes...one from Florida and one from Japan. blaugh
Let's do Florida first. wink
Perhaps a month or more ago, I was browsing through a website called "Etsy" which is basically a marketplace for artists and craftspeople to sell their wares, and amidst all of the stuff, some amazing, and some pretty sad tbh, I came across these...
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Hand Painted "My Neighbour Totoro" Shoes

and immediately contacted the artist, Amanda Tulacz and ordered a pair for my wife.
Sure enough, the large and rather beaten up box from Florida heralded Tortoro's arrival in Toronto, and as I'd hoped, my wife loves them! blaugh
But I'm getting ahead of myself a bit....
The second box was from Japan, and could only be one of two things (seeing as I had only ordered two things from Japan wink )...my long anticipated Love Ward Hatsune Miku figure, OR my purchases from CDJapan, either of which, I'd be more than happy to receive.
So, with both packages in hand, and a huge smile on my face, I headed home, only to find yet another "Failed Delivery" notice on my door AND another package from Japan!!! blaugh

Well, needless to say, there was a fair bit of happy dancing going on as I made my way through the front door, Hatsune Miku's Live Concert in Sapporo playing loudly on my IPod headphones, and immediately set about opening my packages.
The package from Florida would have to wait for my wife to open it, but the boxes from Japan were mine, and mine alone to explore and enjoy. emotion_dowant
Box #1:
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Love Ward Miku heart

I don't care what anybody says, but I LOVE that song and video, and I now have Nurse Miku, along with her assistant, on call 7/24. blaugh

Box #2, or as I've dubbed it, "The Box of Wonders" blaugh
To be honest, it had been so long since I'd placed my order from CDJapan, that I wasn't 100% sure of what I'd ordered (ain't getting old wonderful?), but I was sure it was gonna be good, and I was not to be disappointed, for as the box was opened and each carefully packaged item was revealed, it just got better and better. blaugh
Item 1:
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Hatsune Miku Sings New Wave

I've only had time to listen to about half of the songs so far, but to this point, this has got to be one of the most bizarre, off the wall and totally wonderful things I've ever heard.
I can't wait to hear the rest! blaugh
Item 2:
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Miku Pack 02

To be frank, I didn't really know what I was expecting from this, other than a magazine with a lot of Vocaloid stuff and a bonus CD, but hey, it was only $10, AND...
it was a magazine full of Vocaloid stuff with a bonus CD! blaugh
So what if I can't read Kanji, or Katakana, or whatever the language is that it's printed in. The hours of fun I'll have trying to decipher it alone is worth the money, not to mention the pictures and the BONUS CD! blaugh
Item 3:
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Hatsune Miku Live from Dakanshasai 2012 Blu Ray

So what if I don't actually happen to own a Blu Ray player. My CRT can't last forever, and when it finally dies, the Jones family will finally enter the new millennium and get a flatscreen TV, and when we do, the package will include a Blu Ray player and the first thing to be screened on it will be Hatsune Miku and friends in all of their beautiful and brilliant digital splendour.
I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it! blaugh
Item 4:
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Project Diva Complete Collection

Those of you who read my Journal entry about our trip to Anime North this year may remember that I bought what I thought was this package while we were there, but it turned out to be a bootleg and came without the third disk which is a DVD of game videos. I did rip the songs to my IPod, and I've been listening to them non-stop since the con, but I believe firmly in supporting the people who create the things I love, so buying this was a no-brainer.
Item 5:
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Project Diva F Complete Collection

Two CDs of new Vocaloid music for my IPod along with a Region 2 DVD of videos from the game.
Now for most of we Region 1 people, myself included, the contents of that Region 2 DVD would end up being little more than a tantalizing dream. Something we could only long to see, but, thanks to the tyranny of technology, never be able to realise.
But here's where this day of days becomes even better....
On a whim and not really expecting much, I decided to try running it on my P.C.'s DVD player, and guess what I was presented with?
A message from my DVD player's software informing me that it was not set up to play Region 2 DVD's and would I like to change it's Region setting! eek
"Uh, yeah!" says I, and a moment later, I was watching my first ever Region 2 coded DVD! blaugh
Now there was a warning that I can only change Region Settings a total of five times before the Region gets locked, but who cares?!?!?
I mean, I almost never watch DVD's on the PC anyways, and if this allows me to screen my Vocaloid bonus DVD's, then hell yeah!
It also opens the door for me to purchase other R2 DVS that, for some reason, often seem to be a lot cheaper than R1 DVDs, so again, Hell Yeah!
The Game Videos on this DVD were amazing! Especially the two that were called "Odds and Ends" and both by Ryo of Supercell fame, one of which basically tells the story of Miku and her new song writer and their relationship, and the other apparently telling the story of Miku leaving her friends behind and heading to the Big City, and both of which made me cry. emo (read my damned "About Me" people!)

So, there you have it! blaugh
A truly wonderful day in the life of yours truly, Erogenous Jones. blaugh
If the sheer volume of blaugh 's on this page didn't already get the message across, this was indeed, a very good day! blaugh

P.S...Tomorrow is likely to be a pretty good day as well, because that "failed delivery" notice I received today has to be my latest shipment from RightStuf, which means more anime for the Joneses! blaugh
Who says money can't buy happiness? blaugh