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Wendy had an older brother that she never knew about because of her parents messy divorce. Her memories were shaken up from a car accident that she was involved in a year after the split making her believe that she simply grew up along side a boy her age. When her parents split up her mother took custody of her and her brother went with the father that she barely knew. How could she have forgotten about her own flesh and blood? Wendy would not have the answers.

Now eleven years old Wendy was sent to a sleep away summer camp, an experience that her mom hoped would toughen her. Little did she know that her brother would be sent to the same one that summer. The camp was very relaxed despite the fact that they were responsible for the lives of many young people. Already a week in Wendy had gotten a lot of attention as well as another boy that could have very well passed as her brother. One stormy evening Wendy had been late in returning a canoe that she had used. It has begun to thunder storm really bad forcing her and that same boy whom she had encountered from time to time to hide out in the creepy boathouse until the storm passed. She was frightened that was clear.