Archer Ray

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                take a seat...

                ✰ my name is xxxxxxxxx
                  Archer Ray

                ✰ i was born on xxxxxxxxx
                  June second.

                ✰ i am xxxxxxxxx

                ✰ i weigh xxxxxxxxx

                ✰ i'm this many feet xxxxxxxxx

                ✰ i look like xxxxxxxxx

                care for a cup of tea?

                ✰ my past xxxxxxxxx
                  Authority has always been a thorn in Archer's side. Ever present, and ever strict on their rules of conduct, Soldiers had always been figures which he had never truly come to respect. He had always chosen to take his own way rather than the beaten path followed by his peers and for that reason, Archer had always been in trouble for some sort of rebellious event. Perhaps that was what drew him to take up skating. He found he could move much quicker when he was being chased if he had wheels strapped to his feet after-all. Though his affinity for his "blades" only seemed to soar from that point on.
                  When Archer turned fifteen, his father took him aside and sat him down, explaining to him the story that all children heard. Those ghost stories of monsters long gone, about the evil monsters who supposedly conquered their home for the Empire years ago. He remembered he'd had a nightmare the first time he heard the tale, now he simply rolled his eyes each time the legend was told. Though, for some reason, his father was incredibly serious about the story, constantly hushing his snickers and eye-rolls only to reemphasize the legend as it seemed the story came to a head. As he mentioned the prophecy, he reached behind him, pulling forth a small wooden box. He told Archer about the artifacts and explained to the young teenager that he was next in line to inherit the object.
                  The instant his hand took hold of the small core, feeling its warmth for the first time, it was as if he'd been filled with electricity, but it didnt hurt, strangely enough. Archer seemed strangely obsessed with the Core, at times wondering if he heard it whispering to him, giving him odd dreams, dreams of places he'd never been, faces he'd never met, there was always a common element in each dream, wind. There were always gusts of wind whipping around his body, as if protecting him.
                  Now, Archer has come to find that as long as he keeps the Core nearby, there are moments when he swears that he can change the way the wind blows. though at the same time, he always attracts more attention from the Church Soldiers. Mysterious as it is, Archer hates to part with the object and carries it in a sealed pouch around his waist whenever he can get away with it.

                  ✰ my persona xxxxxxxxx
                    Optimistic yet mischevious, Archer has a bright personality which makes it easy for him to befrend strangers. However he has little respect for the Rockfords or their Church Soldiers. Always questing to stand out or go against the grain, Archer makes brash decisions without thinking at times.

                ✰ i side with xxxxxxxxx
                  the Core Possessors.

                ✰ saved xxxxxxxxx

                ✰ my abilities xxxxxxxxx
                  Air manipulation. Not nearly to the same impressive degree as Ellenia's. Archer can merely stir the air around his body and alter its direction. This allows him to move faster on his skates than typical, and even jump further and higher. This also comes as a defensive advantage as he has the ability to misdirect projectiles fired at him by causing the air to force them astray.


                ✰ mastahhh xxxxxxxxx