Dream log 7/12/13 the night before
Another dream that involved the last of us.
It was the zombie apocalypse i think. People were going crazy anyway. I mean there were some zombies but the most dangerous part were the humans.
Men were losing their minds and im pretty sure i had to run away from getting raped at least once. Anyways i was protecting this one little blonde girl. She was maybe 8 or 9 and she aaallways ran off. I was running everywhere always trying to find her. I usually did, she never ran off too far but still.
Eventually i saw Ellie and Joel at one point. But mostly just Ellie. Pretty sure Joel even tried to hit on her at some point, eugh.
She was grossed out too and sort of joined me and my friends in surviving. Pretty sure my old girlscout troop was the group i was with. Vanessa and a few of her friends, her mom, this one black lady, a couple guys who werent going crazy, and me ellie and the little blonde girl is who survived. Everyone else was pretty much dead. I remember everyone frantically looking for a bathroom or toilet because most of the ones in town were broken. So there was one toilet but it was out in the open and it was like the one in 3 operating toilets. Everyone was too tired to even care. So i told everyone to look away and went to the bathroom, everyone was like "ugh get over it, we dont even care just go to the bathroom."
After that i walked around town and saw this little girl she seemed fine and i was glad i was like yay no more zombies everyone is safe. Of course, my subconcious is like "LOLNOPE" and the girl suddenly turned into something, she turned into one of the darkness creatures from Kh. She suddenly opened up a portal and walked into it thus revealing her true identity, the witch lady from snow white.
She was running up these steps in the portal being all like "AHahahaha You'll never catch or defeat me" So i run after her, but she becomes far too powerful, and i wake up.