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Last summer Katie had found herself in a tropical paradise. Although she had been on vacation with her family for a huge reunion party she had been able to find her way out of the friendly family functions to have some fun herself. The best nights were when she had been able to convince guys to buy her a drink or two. Tequila always got the seventeen year old into some trouble but living life on the edge was something that she promised she would do after how eventful the past school year had been. She possessed soft locks that framed her sweet complexion. From her beautiful deep blue eyes to luscious lips she worked her magic.

Her family had stayed on that island for about a week and just when she thought her last night there couldn't have been better she met a guy, one that did more than buy her a drink. One that challenged her. He had wit and faintly mentioned that he was a doctor or professional of some sort. Either way flashbacks of that hot and heavy night tended to creep into her dreams. It was too bad that she would never run into that man again.

It was her senior year and Katie found herself sitting in the auditorium for the usual beginning of the year presentations. She tried her best to pay attention and not stay on her phone like a lot of her peers. Her breathing hitched when she noticed one of the new staff members grace the stage.