So, I'm a chef-in-training... I am off of school for the summer. The past month without classes have left me quite blah! In fact, I haven't really cooked anything since school let out. Such a shame!

In any case, today was probably the first semi-real type meal I have prepared in a while. I decided I needed some comfort food. We had some filet mignon in the freezer that had been there too long. I decided to the awful and turn that into some chicken fried steak. It actually turned out pretty good. The mashed potatoes were wonderful! The only thing that was "off" was the pepper cream gravy I prepared. I put a tad too much salt in the gravy at the end and I didn't whisk it properly when I was adding the milk to the roux. This resulted in a salty, slightly lumpy sauce.

I'll add more pictures of things that I have personally prepared both at home and in class. What better way to share what I love doing than by sharing pictures of things I have prepared. <3

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