ROMEO VERSUS JULIET ~a sad romantic story~

The story is about Schwarz and Weiss, an impersonation of the characters Romeo and Juliet. In this story, the two characters are mortal enemies. They've been battling in wars between light and darkness. But why the personification of Romeo and Juliet? Will they have a happy ending or a painful ending? <CLICK THE CHAPTER TITLES TO SEE EVENT IMAGE>

CHAPTER 1: Weiss

Let's start by introducing Weiss, the king of higher heavens of Ishtar. Gentlemen, Handsome, and a good leader of all Archangels. He is living with full responsibility in his kingdom which make him feel no emotion. Not happy, not sad, or any of the emotion. He is just calm as a cloud.

CHAPTER 2: Schwarz

Now introducing the antagonist Schwarz, princess of pain and anger. She lives in a mischievous life with her father, Belphegor. Schwarz maybe the princess but she's still under the authority of her father's power. She blames others when she is suffering and that's what makes her being feared by the lesser demons, and so humanity.