And so it begins...

i guess it finally happened. He left for a month.

I knew this day would come, but i never thougth it would be so hard. Well i am doing my best to wistand the pain i feel.

And to make mattters worst, when he returns, he will be gone again for a moth in less than a few weeks and then deployed for 3 more months.

I dont like playing the victim so nobody really knows how i am feeling.

I doubt anyone is actually reading this, so what i write here is more like talking to myself, getting the pain out of my chest

In these few days i been alone here i noticed how hard it is to face silence. Heck i knew it would happen eventually. Having a partner that works in the milicia, means he has sold his life to his work and no much is left for his family.

It's sad, but it does not stop it from being true.

I am not going to lie, i had felt alone before, but this time is both physically and mentally. I try to keep my self bussy but its hard. It's hard cause you are not here.

Reading what i am writting i can tell that i am not making much sence with my words. Heck is to be expected considering the fact that even thinking straight is hard when your alone.

I need to set my feelings aside and build myself stronger yet again.

I am stronger than this and i know that somehow someway ill make it througth.