Video games revenue for the past 10 years are actually quadruple the amount of revenue or money that the music or movie industry have made,how did they get so big? Well it started in 1972 an entrepreneur Richard Bear made a home entertainment system with a game similar to hockey, the company "MAGNAVOX" eventually sold it to the market under the name "ODYSSEY" leading to a full commercial release to the home market for $75 (which would equal the amount $400 in 2012) it had a controller that had knobs that would move your character up,down(left knob)or left, right(right knob).After it had sold a couple of guys played with it one of these guys was Nolan Bushnell while he had made a game before called "computer space" which was inspired by his university's computer (the only one available at that time he played space war the earliest known computer games) with his interest in coin operated arcade games.
With his knowledge in the "ODYSSEY" system, and his new company "ATARI", he made "PONG" a great success. With pong in mind he made a marketing deal with the most powerful company at the time "Sears" to make his own home entertainment system. With that he released the "ATARI SYSTEM" in 1975, it was a great victory but after its released,Richard Bear sued ATARI for taking it hockey game on the "ODYSSEY" and renaming it "PONG" and forced ATARI give all of its revenue to him for a year its games, sadly with a low budget they did, but they halted all their games to be released next year (tricky sons of bees).after that they released something un-achievable at the time a new game per cartridge system and sold it with the name the "ATARI 2600" in 1977 a amazing step forward in games.
With its release so did the "ODYSSEY 2" which did not sell good, but after the video game crash Nolan Bushnell sold Atari to "Warner Communications", but after the dispute over direction of atari Bushnell was fired and Atari was sold out into small chunks.After the fall of atari board only game developers kept the atari alive some time after that these developers form the company now called "ACTIVISION"
with that and the help of a small game known as..."SPACE INVADERS" they kept atari afloat, but more small competition kept showing up after 1982 they started to compete with apple for computers, but unfortunately their units only sold up to 9,000 so with that they made the "ATARI 5200" it was a failure with barely any games. After 1982 a small company in japan was beginning to make a amazing game cartridge reading console, that company is Nintendo and with the greatest game developer of all time ...Shiguru Miamoto. On the next entry