in this chapter: I cry over Anghel's speech, I cry over inability to translate puns, and I see another strip titled "family memories" and go "NOOOOOO". Happy Tanabata from Moa, everyone! (And me too, I guess.)

quick things. as I ended up taking a bit more artistic license with this chapter than usual, if anyone has any better translations, please correct me! once again, the "regular" title of the Anghel strip is how it is read, while the stuff in parentheses is how it's actually written. I will be at Otakon next month and so next month's translation may/may not be a bit slower. lastly, you may have seen this already, but I translated the second fanbook side story over at, which is incidentally where my new translation blog is and will be even after I abandon gaia in the near future. /o/

Hatoful Boyfriend
Hato Moa

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Page two:
Strip one:
Zero cover

Panel one:
I’m Tosaka Hiyoko.
I’m a very normal high school girl who lives in the wilderness!

Panel two:
St. PigeoNation Academy is in the city
So it’s a little bit hard to commute there on foot.

Panel three:
On top of that, my house doesn’t have walls.
It’s hell during cold winters and typhoon days!!
[My house]

Panel four:
But it’s my home and I’m proud of it!
You can see the stars well from Hiyoko’s house.

Strip two:
July 7

Panel one:
Hey, everybirdie.
This year we’ll decorate bamboo at school!

Panel two:
Coo! (It’s a happy day!!)

Panel three:
Why are we decorating bamboo?
Is it a Japanese festival?
(It’s called Tanabata.)
On June 7, you write down your wish and hang it on bamboo.

Panel four:
Like, high school girls might write, “I want to become the supreme ruler reigning over the world.”
(What kind of event is this!?)
That’s just Hiyoko!

Page three:
Strip three
Know all about Tanabata

Panel one:
Sakuya, we’ll explain Tanabata to you, a French noblebird.

Panel two:
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Orihime who worked hard as a cloth weaver.
You’ve chosen the cast already!!

Panel three:
And there was a boy named Kengyuu who worked hard at raising cattle.
That’s not raising them!!
(That’s brawling!)
[“Kengyuu” is another name for “Hikoboshi”]

Panel four:
A few things happened and the two of them got married
(peck peck)
But they were too lovey-dovey, didn’t do their jobs, and caused a huge disaster.

Panel five:
The God of Heaven grew angry upon seeing them.
(banner: God)
Why am I not playing Orihime!?

Panel six:
God drove Kengyuu to the other side of the River of Heaven so that the two could return to their roles in society.
(banner: God)
He’s strongly opposed!!

Panel seven:
And so only once a year, on July 7,
(Orihime is floating away!)
The two of them, who were separated, are allowed to cross the River of Heaven and meet...

Panel eight:
--That’s how the legend started.
Start over from the casting!!
(It’s hard to understand!!)

Page four
Strip four:
Tanabata torivia
[“trivia” is written “toribia”, but the kanji for “bird” is used as the “tori” in this case. I can’t pun.]

Panel one:
As for how Orihime and Kengyuu cross the River of Heaven once a year
It seems they borrow the power of birds.

Panel two:
The birds that came to help are called magpies.
{European magpie}
Their long tails are cute (arrow)

Scientific name
Pica pica <- cute

Their two-tone color is cute ->

They’re related to crows.

Panel three:
The magpies make a bridge over the River of Heaven.
Leave it to us, okay

Panel four:
The construction is sloppy!!
(Because you’re using nest materials!)

Strip five:
Betting status

Panel one:

Panel two:
Coo coo!! (There are so many animals in the sky, it’s not fair there isn’t an Okosan constellation!!)

Panel three:
There isn’t an Okosan constellation,
but a dove constellation actually exists.
Winter triangle Orion
Around here ->
But it’s near the winter triangle, so you can’t really see it right now.

Panel four:
Coo coo coo!? (If Okosan defeats it, can he become an Okosan constellation!?)
(I don’t know.)
I wonder.

[The constellation in question is Columba.]

Page five
Strip six:
Blind haze (Nearsightedness that prevents seeing)

Panel one:
I can hear the overture to ruin!!

Panel two:
Reader of the Stars, now is the time for your power to become the key of radiance!!
Lend me your power
Please be quiet in the library.

Panel three:
One after another, the spots of radiance are vanishing from the phosphorescent skies...
Why is this?

Panel four:
I can see them!!

Strip seven:

Panel one:
It looks like decorations were put up around school too.

Panel two:
There are a lot of papers shining with individuality.
(I want to become the supreme ruler who destroys everything with power
Tosaka Hiyoko)

Panel three:
[Translation: Glory to the house of Le Bel]
He’s the same as always...

Panel four:
This is...
[I will defeat Isa Souma!! Nishikikouji]
Left by an outsider!!

Page six
Panel one:
Coo coo!? (Are you wishing for something romantic, Yuuya!?)
That’s right.
I wonder if I should ask to be part of something sexy and romantic?
[title: For Whom Is That Wish]

Panel two:
A wish
A wish, huh...

Panel three:
I wish that stars of happiness rain down on all the ladies of the world. ☆

Panel four:

Page seven:
Panel one:
(I wish that stars of happiness rain down on all the ladies of the world. ☆)

Panel two:
Cooo! Cooo!
...are you that against it?

Panel three:
Coo coo! (Yuuya is a show-off and a liar!)

Panel four:
no text

Panel five:
But if you look at this, I’m a sincere person.
(This is unexpected)

Panel six:
Cooooo!! (Yuuya should learn from Okosan and make a manly wish!)
(Translation: Okosan will definitely definitely become God.)
So that was what it said...

Page eight:
Family memories

Panel one:
Hey, hey.
The River of Heaven,
Do you know what it’s made of?

Panel two:
(It’s probably lumpy.)
It’s definitely milk!
(It’s a river!)
Galactic mackerel?

Panel three:
It’s my poop!
Ah~ and pigeons’ poop is white, huh.

Panel four:
Don’t make Hoppe cry!!</div>